January 29, 2011

Allow me……


Out of the 32 birds I’ve drawn, I’ve only drawn about 6 males.  First there was Andre, then Artist Bird, then Clarence, then Umbrella bird (not sure if this one is male or female though) , and last the 2 boys in the Carpool.  To balance things out, it was time for another male.  After all, they should have equal rights too, dontchathink?

Working on a denim shirt here as you can see.

I had to, just HAD to make his suspenders Red. Thought the stripes added a bit of character to the guy.  Possibly his wife bought them, LOL!

Henry-the-Handyman…….Now this guy is a real catch!  He can fix anything, ANYTHING!  He will always give it his best shot.  He’s got a real understanding of the whole mechanical picture and instinctively knows how things operate.  He has been known to totally dis-assemble all kinds of equipment just to figure out why it’s making that funny noise.  It’s a good thing he can reassemble it back, too. But as usual….there’s sometimes an extra screw or two unclaimed.  Not the best at math….good thing he’s not a carpenter.

Oh…and I just have to add…..there are a few women that think this way too!!  I, however, am not one of them!

That’s suppose to be a pick-up/ utility truck behind him, with a red ladder on it.  Debated with myself about making a sky.  Decided if I was going to put a sky in….it had to be photoshopped…..I have not been pleased at all with the effects of blue Faber Castell markers on the horizon.  If anyone has any tips about using markers for the sky, I…am...all…ears.

Gotta love photoshop!!

January 24, 2011

Etsy Shop Open…..


I am stoked!  Just StOkEd to be able to offer you guys these Doodle Directory Index prints.  I set up the shop last week, thanks to all your wonderful suggestions from my giveaway post.  It’ll be a little bit of a learning curve for me as I navigate my way around the site.  Please, bear with me.

To  check out my Etsy Shop , click here.

I’ve changed the format from 8 doodles per print to 6 because it was bugging me that the 4x6 was chopping off some of the end doodles.  I’m offering 3 different sets.  Each set will include 10 prints with 6 doodle designs per print.  So that’s 60 designs per set.  If you purchase the entire collection (SET 1-3) you will receive 180 designs.  Buying multiple sets entitles you to a discount. 

Pricing List:
  • 1 Set-   $8.99   (10 prints)
  • 2 Sets- $14.99  (20 prints)
  • 3 Sets- $18.99  (30 prints)
Because you guys are the inspiration for all this….I’m giving a DISCOUNT CODE  ETSY10, (this code will expire Jan 31, 2011).   10% off your purchase.  So, that’ll break down to $8.09, $13.49, and $17.09, plus shipping and handling.  I will be making more directory pages, once I have 60 more designs, then I can offer you a 4th set!!  Woo-who!! 

In each order I will give out 2 Instruction prints (see picture above: the Aa print and the one with the sun). Thanks to Eileen for this suggestion.

I currently have 2 full sets in my shop and will restock as needed.  Please email me or start an etsy conversation with me if you have any questions.

NEW Format  4x6 Print pictured above.


SET 1 (above)……includes 10 4x6 glossy prints


SET 2 (above)……includes 10 4x6 glossy prints


SET 3 (above)……includes 10 4x6 glossy prints

I hope these prints help you get started on your way to creating your own fancy, fun and fulfilling doodle designs.  They are quite addictive, if you can’t already tell!  LOL!

Alphabet doodles


Since I’m between projects right now….and I lack original ideas.  I thought I’d show you how my doodling has changed in 2 years.  The Doodle above is my first set of doodles.  As you can see, very swirly, and the colors aren’t as vibrant.   The designs inside were small.  It was a figure-it-out-as-I-go-style.


In my second set of doodling the alphabet, I got a little more daring.  The colors are more vibrant.  The designs are larger.  I pulled out my stencils and was more familiar with doodling styles.


Currently, I’m working on my third Alphabet set.  I now know that I have to use a lot of color.  And it’s best not to have too much white space….that’s why the Upper case “D” and lower case “e” don’t look as good.

So, boys and girls…..just keep doodling….keep working your piece of art.  Practice may not make perfect but it makes things better.   It sure helped me to figure out how the colors and doodle designs interact …..and I’m . still . learning….cuz there's a lot to learn out there!  LOL!

January 21, 2011

Journal Jots…..


Who are these people that get their “great ideas” in the shower?  I’d like to meet one, just one……I have never had an original thought in the shower….ever!  Usually my original thoughts happen while I’m busy doing something else…..like  w.o.r.k.i.n.g….  Which was what happened to me here.  The above is my draft for my next drawing.  Since, I’m done with the Sketchbook project, I’m a little lost….don’t know where I should focus my energy next.  Ahhhh well!


So, once I got home, I thought I’d give that draft a chance.


As usual, I start my drawings in the contour mode.  Once I have it to the coloring book stage……then….thefunbegins!!!


Armed with my DOODLE  DIRECTORY, I picked a few patterns that I thought would show up well in a black-white-gray color scheme.


Had to capture a picture in this stage, because if I totally flub the next step, this post would’ve ended here.


This part worked….Thank God.   I used watercolor pencils and just wanted to give the journal color. 


Joyce-the-Journaler……..She’s been journaling almost all her life.  It began as a way to control her tongue, but it’s morphed into a place where she can work out her thoughts.  She writes whatever comes into her pretty-little-head, sometimes what she writes makes sense and sometimes not so much.  But it’s a habit now, and if she hasn’t written for a few days, she feels a little dis-combobulated.

January 18, 2011

And the winner is….


With over 35 people leaving WONDERFUL comments, I had to make up a little grid for each name.
I am amazed at all the comments and the ideas that you all gave me, AMAZED!!  You guys are smart, really smart and I am so grateful for your generosity with your ideas!  I wish I could send out a doodle directory to each one of you.  Really!! 


If you can’t read my sloppy hand-writing it says:


Congratulations Julie-Marie!  Please email me with your snail mail address and I’ll get these prints out to you this week.

Thank You EVERYONE for playing along.  I think these giveaways are so fun.  Knowing me, I’m sure I’ll be giving something else away soon.

January 14, 2011

I'm thinking…… it’s time for a Giveaway!


Since these are by far the most popular things on my blog, I thought it would be fun to share my little 4x6 index prints of my Doodle Directory.  There are 22 prints in all.  Yep, Twenty-two!!  So that’s 22 times 8 which means you’d get 176 doodles…..wait, I totally flubbed one, so it’s more like 175 doodle designs.   How’s that sound?  Anyone interested?

Here’s the deal: 
  1. Just leave a comment by Monday January 17 midnight
  2. If you feel so inclined….Please leave a number……the number would be what you think would be a fair price for a set of these prints…..(IF I were to open an etsy shop or something)
  3. I’ll randomly pick someone that leaves a comment
  4. Sorry…..Giveaway only open to people with a US snail mail address.

Trust me….I’ll be referring to my little stack of 22 when I need inspiration on my doodle below.


What is it about doodling that makes it so fun?  Does it bring back memories for you of sitting in class listening to another boring lecture???? (talking junior high or high school here, no way would I doodle in college….when you pay to learn….it’s best to learn!)  Do you find you’ve solved a problem after a doodle session?

Thanks for playing along, you fellow doodler’s!

January 12, 2011

Say Buh-Bye to this Sketchbook


After five months of working on my Sketchbook for the 2011 Sketchbook Project I have grown a  bit attached to it.  After all, it was the first sketchbook I’ve ever done with a theme (Facing Forward).  But it has a home of it’s own now, and it won’t be with me….it’s like a child that you’ve watched grow up and you’ve guided them their whole life but then the time comes when they must get on with their own life and spread their wings.  So, I’m sending out Barcode #_23652_ into the world to see if she can fly.   I know I’ll miss some of the pages, but right now I’m a tad bit bored with the whole thing (oops, did I really say that outloud?).  I’ve uploaded, enhanced, blogged, drawn, glued, and enjoyed each one of these drawings, but there is nothing more that I can do to them or for them.   I took what I needed to learn from each drawing and it’s time to move on. Don’t know where….just facing forward myself!!!  LOL!!
  1. Dancer
  2. Teen Lingo
  3. Flip Flop
  4. Striped Rug
  5. Incognito
  6. Bench Monday
  7. Thanksgiving 
  8. Troll for Luck
  9. Doodled Face
  10. Umbrella Bird
  11. Tutu
  12. Mural Drawing
  13. Welcome Page
  14. Car Pool
  15. Trick or Treat
  16. Looking down

As you can see my Sketchbook added some girth to her middle since the summer.  She went from a .25 inches to a whopping 1.5 inches…..She contains 23 drawings which I’ve blogged about upon completion.  Thank you all so much for your support and kind comments throughout this whole Sketchbook project.  It really helped to keep me on track.  I can see why so many people get overwhelmed with this sort of thing.  Since I glued some pages together this made the book a little more manageable, not having to fill in every...single...page.


I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on the cover of the book as you can see, but I thought it needed something.  I sanded it down, because I heard that would help the white ink adhere better.  Wrote out the words above and painted them in.   Have you ever written a word a million times, never misspelled it once, never gave the spelling a second thought?  Me too….I got all the way thru and noticed that my doodle was lacking it’s “L”….C’mon really!!   So, I squeezed a little “L” in as best as I could.  Otherwise it would’ve read “Facing Forward in doodes and drawings”…..what exactly is a doode???? anyone?  Anyone?

The Sketchbooks tours 9 cities: Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Atlanta, Winter Park (FL), Chicago, Washington DC, Brooklyn (NY) and Portland (ME)…..hmmmm….may just have to get to Chicago in July and check this project out for myself.  I'd love to see what everyone else has done.  An astonishing 28835 artists are participating this year, now that's a lot of sketchbooks!

January 11, 2011

List It Tuesday…….Biographies


I’m using this drawing today because #1- you haven’t seen it yet……#2- It fits with the Biography theme since most biography covers have a face or a head on them.

I drew this last year from a picture of a quilt in the Master's Art Quilts book.  The book is just loaded with visual cloth delights…..seriously!  I wasn’t that happy with this drawing, so I shelved it.  Sure wish I had a pic of the quilt that inspired it, but I don’t. 

And here’s my list of Biographies that I’ve read recently (well, within the last 10 yrs)  for List-It-Tuesday:


I love BIOGRAPHIES!!!  Love them!!  If I had my choice between two books about the same person, I would pick the Auto-biography over the Biography each and every time!  Why?  Because I want to hear what “they” say about their lives…not what someone else says about them.  The really interesting stuff is in the details….always in the details.
    1. Open- an auto-biography about Andre Agassi’s tennis training and life from a young child through to  retirement
    2. Steffi Graf
    3. Ronald Reagan
    4. Harry S Truman
    5. Dwight D Eisenhower
    6. Benjamin Franklin
    7. Bo Jackson- professional baseball and football player
    8. The Big Picture- auto-biography about Ben Carson,  a pediatric neurosurgeon who performed a successful operation that separated two twins born joined at their heads
    9. Crashing Through- about Mike May, a highly successful entrepreneur, athlete, husband and father who undergoes experimental surgery to regain the vision that he lost in a chemical explosion at age three.
    10. What’s Your Excuse- auto-biography about John Foppe, born without arms, has faced obstacles-both physical and emotional-his entire life. While some see his condition as a debilitating handicap, John disagrees. "Our only handicaps are those mental and emotional ones that prevent us from participating fully in life
    11. Black Like Me- auto-biography about  John Howard Griffin , a white man, who ran a social experiment.  He altered his appearance thru makeup and a drug that would darken his skin’s pigment to help him look like a colored man in 1959. This story is about how he was treated and his thoughts during those 6 weeks. 
I’m just as interested in the not-so Famous as I am in the Famous people…..but I must confess….I’m not all that interested in celebrities.  I just noticed I’ve only read one book about a woman!  Yikes!  Wait....I forgot, I read about Jackie Kennedy Onassis (Jackie O), I wanted to know what the big deal was about her.  Next, I'd like to read about Martha Graham, a dancer, choreographer and teacher for more than 70 years. That would be a good read.

Anyone else into Biographies????  I’d love to hear your suggestions.

January 8, 2011

Mail Art….


I participated in a Mail Sketch Art Swap last year (oops, forgot to count that in my achievements), and It was a lot of Fun!!

You see, I’m such a robot…..I’ve never ever decorated the outside of any mail envelopes….Never!!  I got such a kick out of the envelope I received for the swap, didn’t even know it was “allowed” to decorate the outside of envelopes that go thru our US Postal service…..I guess I thought FDA regulations wouldn’t permit it or something.  But I’m over that now.  Good thing!!

This is the envelope that I mailed off to my bloggie-Bud Janet.  As I walked into the Post Office to mail this, the clerks commented on it…..they seemed to like it…..and then they mentioned that some of the most beautiful and amazing envelope art  they see is from the Prison community!  Huh???…..Yep, the prisoners decorate the outside of their envelopes a lot….apparently!  Well, that’s a good thing…..I mean they are already incarcerated, paying for their crimes, might as well put something beautiful out there for others to enjoy.  I just found that so interesting.

Just another view.

I found this treat in my mailbox yesterday from bloggie-bud Aimee at Artsyville.   She even decorated the outside of the envelope for me….isn’t she sweet?  Love my little mini-card Aimee….Thank You :D

So, anyone know of any mail art swaps going on now???  I think once I get my sketchbook project in the mail next week…..I just may have a little time to decorate an envelope!!  Woo Who!!

January 6, 2011

2010 Accomplishments

Progress begins when I realize where I am falling short.
Quote above was written by Amber at Writing through life

An under-rated accomplishment that I learned this year were the colors of the Rainbow mnemonic!!  ROYGBIV…….the picture above only shows five of the Rainbow Colors: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Violet….not shown are Yellow and Indigo

This post won’t have any art in it, other than the “art of photography”.  I do enjoy taking decent pictures, and absolutely love being able to see them right away!!  Yeah, Digital!!

I came across Hanna’s post where she wrote 86 creative things that she’s accomplished in 2010.  Eight-six…..my-oh-my….I could only think of 27 accomplishments myself.

MIND…..art, blog, writing
  1. Participated in 2011 Sketchbook Project
  2. Drew 31 Birds and posted them with stories about their little lives
  3. Made 22 Doodle Directory pages each containing 8 doodle patterns
  4. Made 2 sets of Alphabet Doodles both lower and upper case. (am considering a third set)
  5. Made 30 Doodle Name prints for family and friends
  6. Made 4 Art-inspired gifts thru Walgreens
  7. Signed up and participated in a Beginning Drawing class this summer
  8. Completed 4 composition journals (only words no art)
  9. Embroidered Cardinal for college auction
  10. Started a Floral Embroidery Wall Hanging…. that I MUST FINISH
  11. Wrote 134 Blog posts this year (Thank you Sister Whit for the syntax and grammar help)….had 65 blog posts in 2009.
  12. Hosted 2 Giveaways
  13. Hosted 1 Contest
  14. Entered 2 bookmarks into a Bookmark Contest
  15. Interviewed by Eileen Berger about blogging
  16. This blog has 175+ followers…..I’m so grateful for each and every one of you.  Just knowing that you stop by every now and then is a HUGE inspiration.  I have enjoyed reading all your encouraging, funny, and kind comments.  tHaNk YoU…ThAnK yOu
  17. Graphite Sketched from 6 pictures and drew to completion…..a first ***
BODY…..photography, health
  1. Photo Shoot for Hire x 2 (one with 4 children all under the age of 5…..now, that was interesting)
  2. Personal Photo Shoot of family member x1
  3. Created Photo Calendar for a relative.   (I do this every year, and I’m always pleased with the results.  But I never make one for myself!  Too many choices for me and I'll have issues with being overwhelmed)
  4. Gave up carbonated sodas…. trying to drink more H2O.
  5. Worked-out 241 days
  6. Joined Master’s Swimming
SPIRIT……family, friends, charity
  1. Traveled to see family 7 times (I find it important for my creative side to step out of my comfort zone and routine by traveling.  I don’t have to go to TimBuckToo to get benefits, sometimes just a change of scenery with loved ones is all that’s needed.)
  2. Preparing to launch child number 2 to college in 2011 (recruiter visits all done, Yeah!)
  3. Donated more $ to causes (firefighters, schools, hospitals, salvation army).  Charity starts at home!
  4. Friend-ing more people thru facebook….(still not sure what I think about it other than it being a public Bulletin board.  Great way to find out about weddings, babies, re-locations, and causes though)
If I am to live… A Good life….A Happy life… A Creative Life…. I must attend to my whole person.  Not just the physical, nor the mental, nor the artsy-side of me.  Our well-being encompasses all different parts.  They are intertwined and when one becomes misaligned then the whole person gets a little out of whack.   I’m striving for balance here.  I find that when I attend to my family and friends this gives me more confidence (fuel) for my art.  When I attend to my body and health,  I gain more stamina and I see things in a different perspective than if I hadn’t exercised at all.  When I attend to good reading, good books, learning new “techy” toys this keeps me on my toes.  Cuz my mind will think regardless, might as well give it a problem to solve or something to figure out!  Keeping up with technology keeps me more connected with my family, friends and kids.  I learn so much from the lives and thoughts of others.  Insert blog-surfing inspiration…. here!  And Spiritually…..if I only live for myself than what good am I????  It’s my belief in God and following the guidance he gives me that gives my life more meaning. 

How do you stay balanced?

January 2, 2011

Where’s the Party?

In honor of the New Year and the amount of partying going on, I thought I’d draw a little bird living it up.

Darn it….I forgot to snap a picture before I started coloring away!!  I think it’s kind of fun to have a jpg of the birds in the coloring book stage cuz you never know when that might come in handy.

Nothing quite like a bird showing off her mid-drift, ehh?

Paris-the-Party-Animal……She will often go to as many as 10 parties in one evening.  It’s very important to her that she be seen having fun.  After all, she is a celebrity, she’s told.  The problem with all this party-hopping is she has no depth in any of her relationships.  But she has bragging rights.   However, the only people that really care about how many parties she attends are the Paparazzi.

Wow!!!  Is this a slam or what?  At least I haven’t seen her in the news lately, ad nauseum.  I enjoy a good party just like the next person……but she’s a little much!

January 1, 2011

A New Year….therefore…. A New Blog Banner


If you’ve been following this blog for awhile you have probably noticed that I like to update my Blog Banners!   After all it’s such an easy “Pick Me Up” for the blog and it’s fun to see new ones.  I must tell you, there are some blog banners I’ve used that I couldn’t care less if I ever see again, then there are others that I’ve grown quite attached to….Ahhhhh….such is life! 


I have taken to the habit of incorporating one or two photographs into the banners.


I’m trying to have the banner reflect what I’ve actually drawn or posted on this blog recently.  So…..I like to display a sketch up there as well.  I’ll include a bird from my bird series and a drawing from the Sketchbook Project (Facing Forward).


This banner was a fun one because I included one of the girls from my Matryoshka series.


I thought it was appropriate to use my actual Alphabet doodles for the word “doodle” here.   I’ve done 2 sets of the letters now.  Both with Upper and Lower cases.  I prefer the more recent doodled letters.  Someday I’ll post them all here then you can see for yourself.


If you see any digital elements in the blog banners, they are most likely from Scrapgirls.  When I first started digital scrapbooking I thought It would be cool to be a Scrapgirl Digital Designer….then I realized I didn’t know how to draw…..so now….I’m drawing, I’m erasing and I’m doodling.  Learning as I go.

If you are curious about the dimensions to the blog banners for most sites.  The banner size: 11 x 2.75 inches at 300 dpi.  I have no problem uploading the banners to this site thru Blogger, Thank Goodness.

So, is there a Blog Banner that appeals to you here?  Any one out of the 6 posted?…. just curious…I think my favorite one is the 3rd down....the one that says "Today just Draw, Doodle and Decorate".
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