January 5, 2009


Today, everyone goes back to school or to work after the Christmas break. I'm planning to get back into my exercise routine. I do one of 4 things, I Swim, Step (stationary biking is the warm down), Weights or Run (ugh! Wish I enjoyed this, but I don't. I only do it because it's the best way to tone my legs). Rarely do I walk. I like to walk, but I don't do it as exercise it's more as a "mental escape" or scenery change for me.

About 4 yrs ago, I could never keep track of whether I worked out or not. When the kids had to be carted back & forth and back & forth , and I was doing lots of quilting in between I would think that I worked out "yesterday", but I really wasn't for sure. That's when I started using the kitchen calendar to write my workouts down. It was so easy and Visual. I could see at a glance if I've been slacking off or if I could use a break.

From this I could see how much I exercised that year. I decided to keep a yearly log on my Palm. The categories are the same as above: Swim, Weights, Steps, Run, Bike. It's been a little reward system, if you will. This year was not as good as last year in TOTAL DAYs worked out. Last year I totalled 250 days, this year only 227 days. I've figured out if I work out 5 days a week that would equal 260 days per year and if I work out 4 days a week then I'd have to do 208 days per year. So, really I'm about where I want to be. Not less than 4 days a week.

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