April 27, 2008

Our Eyes

I've got to look a person in the eye. Especially when they are
important to me, personally or professionally. Even in this fast
paced web-world there is no way I'd go into business or endorse
the Mail-order Brides/Grooms without that important eye-to-eye
contact. I think looking someone straight in the eye is a way
to show honesty and sincerity. Our eyes tell people alot about
us. Our moods, our engage-ability, ourselves. I think there
are lots of things about people that we don't see or can't tell
until we meet face-to-face. We can tell if they are shy, arrogant,

It's the apes that are threatened by the eyes. Being starred
down by their "opponents". But people, we need that inter-
change. I need that interchange!!

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look

through each other's eyes for an instant?” - Henry David Thoreau

April 26, 2008

Just a little thing

I went in to Ben Franklins today. I got a birthday card and some reading glasses, now that I know my over the counter prescription. I find that when I want to read in bed and I'm all snuggly and I have left my glasses in my purse or at the computer.
So hopefully this fun pair will solve that dilema.

After I paid for my purchase and I'm putting the change and the bills back in my wallet, I'm so aware of all the people behind me waiting to check out that I either don't put my money away then or I'm holding up the line when I do.

The nice saleslady told me not to hurry! I didn't know I was obviously rushing and
it just really made me feel good that she even noticed.

Kudos to considerate sales people!! Yeah! Yeah!

April 25, 2008


I'd really like to make my own curtains, because then I can make
them the way I want. Plus, it's fun! But, for the life of me I
can't find some decent fabric that looks like either one of the
two swatches below.

If anyone knows where I can either get some material or just BUY
some that look like these. Let me know, I'd sure appreciate it!

P.S. I think even good 100% cotton quilting fabric will work. The curtains
don't have to be made from the thicker tapestry fabric.

Freshman no-more

Wow has this year flown by! I've missed Brad alot! I'm so glad
he's home. He had a good 1st year of college. He joined a Fraternity,
and later even got voted to be the Communications guy. He is good
about remembering stuff and letting people know of changes and events,
so this was a natural move for him.

He kept his job teaching swim lessons 4 days a week.
He still has his sweet gf.

He was home for 15 minutes when the guitar playing started.
Man, I forgot how noisy he can be sometimes.

But it sure is nice to have him home!

April 23, 2008

Work In Progress

I love IKEA
this store is amazing. It’s about 3 times larger than Sams.
I love the functionality of their products and their color
style and sense.

You see, my house has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a kitchen, study and family room. Since I moved in back in 1998 I have painted every room with the exception of the half bath and the Master Bedroom. I am scarred to death to decorate the Master Bedroom: "what if Mark doesn't like it", "what if I don't like it", "what if it's too expensive to really get the look I want?". On and on for almost 10 years I've been listening to this rant in my head. Well Enough! I'm a do-it-yourself type of person. I love being able to put things together myself, to achieve the look I want. I just run out of time. My mission this month (possibly thru May) is to keep on working on my bedroom. I plan on painting the walls. That will sure give the rest of the room a face lift.. When it’s done I’ll post pictures of the finished product. But for now, you get to see my room as it is. Still a Work In Progress.

April 22, 2008

Working on a new header! Boy, is there a lot to learn out there about html. It may take awhile.
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