January 22, 2012

A Runner…At the Finish Line

I bet you guys thought I forgot about this runner, huh?  It’s been almost a week since I last showed you anything from this sketch.   Well, to tell you the truth….I was at a place in the drawing that I would rather avoid- Yep the shoes!  Ugh!!  Didn’t think I could do those shoes justice. 

But with everything else that I’m learning about sketching/drawing….Compartmentalize!  Meaning, I should break the image down.  (As best I can)

When my sketch is done with the graphite portion, I like to outline the darker edges with my Copic 0.05 multi-liner in gray.  I like the look that it leaves.  It just makes things POP!  The trick is…to know what you want to pop.

Here’s our Fitness runner (99% complete).  I may have shaded in a bit more around the upper thighs and knee after taking this picture.

And here she is at the point of completion with the outline applied.  Just a little more 3D, don’t you think?

I can see my errors: 
  • Back too broad
  • Back leg…knee-to-foot too long.
  • Possibly left arm could’ve been a wee-bit longer.
  • Winged the hair….haha
  • Winged a lot of those darn shoe contours….haha
Well, thanks AGAIN for following along as I sketch a figure.  If you visit this blog because you like color, I promise you that the next post will have some!  Or Else!! Haha

January 18, 2012

Kate…the Kid Again Bird

Another bird was begging to be drawn, so I did what I do and drew her.

Brought in some fun elements here, like the IKEA furniture in the background and the pink/green patterned pillows.

Kate really isn’t a kid anymore, she just thinks she is.  As an adult she has to stay connected to the real world, hence the cell phone.

My absolute favorite part of the picture!  This Peace Bird!  I opted against white.

Kate-the-Kid-Again-Bird….She’s rediscovered a gift, and it is this.  Seeing herself as she did when she was 10 years old.  When she was excited by life and wanted to make something of herself, do something, create something.  It’s nice to have uncovered this eager attitude!  It is a gift and she’s not sure who to thank.

I bet a lot of people can relate to this feeling that Kate has.  When she’s done the work, been responsible, cared for others.  Now she’s finally letting herself play again…..cuz it is allowed,  you know.   No matter what your age!

I’ve been asked a few times where I get my bird personalities.  Every now and then I'm lucky enough to snag it from my journal.  Love it when that happens.

Have a good Day you guys!  Go out and play….no matter what your age! Haha

January 16, 2012

A Runner…Taking Form

Ahh, to pay attention to detail.  Cause it’s all in the details.

The details showed me that my shoulders were too long, they needed to be shortened.  I could not get that back arm to look right and it’s because my base (body) was incorrect.  So, after much erasing and re-drawing the right arm, I’d had enough and went to bed.

Proceeded this morning by neglecting the right arm completely.  Moving on to the left arm.  The paper isn’t as distressed and hopefully I won’t abuse it as much.

As fun as this is….I know that it’s not exact, and yet….I continue sketching.  I guess with time and practice my “detail drawing” will get better.  Wouldn’t this be so much more interesting if this was done in colored pencils!  THAT is what I really want to learn!  If anyone has any good advice or links along that line, do share Open-mouthed smile

She’s not finished yet:
  • Needs shoes
  • More front leg shadows
  • Arm band details
  • ?? right arm SOMETHING
  • Hair shadows

January 15, 2012

A Runner….Toward the top

Drawing in the back straps here.  Needs lots of adjusting.

The shadows that the straps make are fun to place in the sketch!  The bad part is erasing said shadows as I tweak those straps.

She finally got a head!  I’m not sure if I should sketch in the top or leave it white-ish!

Curly hair, my nemesis!!  Totally winged it here!  I’ll be back!

The arm angle is all off and the back is too broad so I’m getting to use my eraser plenty! Joy!!  Haha

January 12, 2012

A Runner…in the middle

Runners have it so easy!  They can just step out their front door and get their work out in.  All they need are their running shoes and loose fitting clothes. 

The thing about sketching is…..just like “air-brushing”, I can chose to ignore things.  Not that this lady has anything that should be ignored.  But still….a sketch is just a picture tweaked.

Started sketching the back.  Most likely I’ll have to move some lines around.  Interesting picture, huh?

Those creases in the shorts….make-believe!  Well…I tried to replicate then I gave up.  I’ll need to spend time with that front leg, looks a little spastic here.

Nothing like “objectifying women”….well, I’d draw a man but their not as pretty!  Haha

January 11, 2012

A runner…in the beginning

While putzing around the house this weekend, I asked my runner husband “What should I sketch next?”.    He said, “I told you to try a runner”.  But you see…every time I find a runner, (well….a female runner), they’re just so skinny.  I can hardly see their legs from the distance of the shot.  I found nothing the least bit inspiring when I did a google search.  Bummer!

It seems I forgot that I had Fitness magazine from last August.  Good thing, too.  Cuz the man spotted a decent runner shot inside. 

I like this shot on a lot of levels:
  • There will be NO FACE to sketch- makes me happy
  • Good Photography- decent lighting and not too many shadows
  • Interesting angle- well, I’ll let you be the judge of that!  Haha

January 8, 2012

Alphabet Doodles…upper Case

This makes me happy!  Really!  I love it when I complete a project or a task!  Love it!

Now on to the lower case.  Wouldn’t these be fun to color in each individual letter with your own color scheme then hang them where you want them?  Spell out a child’s name.  Or a place… “studio”…. “kitchen”…. “bathroom”…?? 

Where else would these appeal to you?  Ideas? Suggestions? Comments? Criticisms?

I am finding this post quite boring….since it lacks color!  Haha

January 1, 2012

Alphabet Doodles…half way

When you work in a profession that never closes….and it’s your turn to work the Holiday….and you have to be there at 5 in the morning.  You learn to delay gratification and celebrate on your own time-line.   Just more fun that way!

So, this is the way I spent the last night of the year.  Works for me…for us!  And it’s a good thing I can sleep thru the hooting and hollering that will occur at midnight!  I’ve been known to sleep thru hurricanes as well! 

I’ve completed more than half of the alphabet.  If you look closely, you’ll spot the two “H’s”.  I guess I forgot my alphabet song when I got to the K.  So typical!

Hope you all had a nice New Year’s transition, however you chose to spend it.
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