February 21, 2009


I received a free sample of this Sticky Picture Paper from Post-it awhile back......I wasn't sure what I'd do with it but hey, "it's free" right? Who can pass up free? So, today I created the "Create Everyday" sign with Erica Hite's Creative Spirit Collection from this month's Scrapgirls Club. See collection HERE

I printed it out on the Post-it paper and put it in my new Journal. Isn't it cute?

However, I'm a little disappointed that when it printed it left a white band on one side( see the right side). So, I'll have to play with this next time I go to print something on this paper. I think I'll have to resize to 3x5 then print it on the 4x6paper.

February 20, 2009

Self Portrait Two

I tried another Self-portrait while waiting for "dear daughter" to get out of school. Done thru the rear-view mirror. I was thinking I'd do a series of these. It would be fun to see how my face changes? In this one I look like I have the full "Angelina Jolie" lips! Yeah wouldn't that be nice! I'd probably rather have another physical characteristic from her other than her lips!

Self Portrait One

February 19, 2009

Make your own Camera Strap

For a really thorough tutorial, you've got to check out this site from "made by petchy"...Here

1- Gather your fabric. You don't need much.

2- Make a pattern from newspaper. Outline your strap, then do another line about .5 inch out from the first. Trust me it's better to cut more fabric then less.

3- Turn your edges in and sew.

4- Put the strap slipcover on your camera strap, reattach the strap to the camera body.

5- VOILA- you're new camera strap. That can be changed according to your mood. I made two. It can be cleaned if it gets dirty.

February 10, 2009

Art Journal Zentangle

This started out as an Art Journal page with some affirmations and some quotes. I like to use Red and Green together. They are complimentary on the color wheel.

February 9, 2009

Do you Zentangle?

Here is my attempt at a Zentangle! This is incredibly relaxing and it really helps me keep my hand steady for the finer lines. The only Fine point Sharpie I had on hand was a purple one. I tried this in another medium, it was an Art Journal page. I'll scan and post next. I find it's important to use a pen you like that really grips the paper. Possibly a color that inspires you. Remember, it doesn't have to be done in all one color. It is alot of fun! Give it try next time you find yourself with some extra time. You may really surprise yourself!!

To find out more about Zentangle, click
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