December 31, 2010

Word of the Year


Wow, today is the last day of 2010….where did it go?  I’ve got my act together this year (well… a little together anyway).   Because I have picked a Word for the Year.   I had too many word choices last year, and with that I got overwhelmed.  So, when I get overwhelmed I cope by shutting down…doing nothing…..walking away.   After all, the only person that it mattered to was me….so ignoring the whole idea was a viable option. 

Head over to Christine Kane's blog and you can read up about the whole “Word of the Year” theme which is in lieu of the dated “New Year’s Resolutions”. 

Here’s my little guy holding up my word.  For some reason NOTICE stuck with me.  Probably because I can be in my own little world, thinking my own little thoughts being rather oblivious to things or people.    I think it’s time I started to look for ways that I can be of service instead of thinking of what others can do for me.  Even being nicer, kinder or more thoughtful would be a better way to live.  If I am to be of help I need to see what needs to be done.  Not aiming for perfection here…Not aiming to change the world…..just aiming to improve my own back yard.

Well, this is the plan anyway……at least it’s a Start.    

Have you chosen a word?  Made a new resolution?  Are you ready for a New Year?  Happy New Year regardless :D

December 30, 2010

Doodle Directory INDEX

It’s taken me awhile but I’m finally ready to unveil 4 more directory pages…..WooWho!! 


These pages don’t have much color because I was just trying to get familiar with a pattern.  The nice thing is, you can always color it in later, anyway you want once the pattern is chosen.


I’m working on a small project now that I’m pretty excited about if it WORKS and I so appreciate the fact that I’ve made these doodle directory pages for reference.


Doodling is not hard, just a bunch of squiggles, circles, loops and lines.  I do like the simplicity of repetition. 


I think it’s best when coloring in an area with a set pattern to use “Complementary Colors (colors opposite on the color wheel)” or “Colors in the same family”.  Harmonious Color schemes are a study in and of themselves.  It’s also fun to experiment with your color choices…..use primary colors in a segment, then try some secondary colors.  Try different tones or hues.  The possibilities are endless.

My other directory Pages can be found at the following links:

Hope these patterns inspire you to pick up your pen and doodle a bit…’s Fun!!

December 24, 2010

Christmas and an Interview


Just a quick post to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 

If you have some time and you’d like to find out a little more about me and blogging….. Eileen at the Artful Crafter has posted a 3 part interview about me HERE, HERE, and HERE.    Three parts, Yikes…..I guess it’s long because I actually had to think about the questions that I answered and I got to write the answers out!! 

Enjoy your day, everyone!!

December 21, 2010

Facing Forward……to meet Santa

Since I had the idea last week to do these kids lined up to see Santa instead of doing the "Dance Line",  I thought I’d give it a try.   After all, my Christmas shopping is all done, my packages are all mailed and I’ve learned that when INSPIRATION strikes, it’s best to grab it and go!!

It was fun giving the kids some new clothes.  I’m not quite sure if the stripes are correct on the first girl and I think I’ve made a “jolly green Santa” here…..because he looks massive!!  But to the kids he probably is, so it works.

Santa hats are really easy to make, the only thing I debated with myself about was, if I should have them all in red hats.  Personally, I prefer the red hats to the other colors that are out now.  But if I were doing a photo shoot, I’d be buying every color hat and having a ball photographing everyone!  Really!

I think the mitten-ed hands worked well with the Santa theme here…..Whew!!!

Watercolor Pencils were used for the hair and everything else was done with my favorite markers.
This is my last page for the SKETCHBOOK Project!  Yippee, I just need to go in and add details to the opposing pages now!!  I had to re-nig on the Senior Sketch drawing that I did a few weeks ago…..I cannot part with that picture for the Sketchbook project.  I’m afraid that if I do, I’ll regret it…..Usually I have no problem giving my stuff away….usually!

That plain background is bugging me…Do you guys have any suggestions for what I could put back there?  If I have time, I’d really like to make that more interesting.

December 17, 2010

Dance Line

I had high expectations when I started this drawing!!  Too high!!  I even went out and purchased “real “ drawing paper, so that I wouldn’t have that stippling effect that appears when I use graphite on watercolor paper. 

At about this point, I realized I was in over my head!  I toned down my drawing and was happy that I got all those little bodies, somewhat proportioned and recognizable.  And wondered why I thought I was ready to sketch any further.

Once I bailed on my original plan, I just outlined the kids with permanent marker. 

I learned a bit about faces here…..not to draw too much.   If I’m keeping it simple than each mark has to speak loudly.  The third child from the left looks like he could be Frankenstein’s son…..Got a little carried away with my pencil for the mouth.

If I was really smart creative…..I would’ve made it so that these children were lined up to see Santa Claus.  Now, that would’ve been fun. 

However, I would’ve had to adjust each of their little arms……”no touching please”  WHICH …reminds me of the  ”she’s touching me” car commercial, where the family is taking a road trip and one of the kids barely touches the older sister, who totally freaks out about it….Ahhhh, the good ‘ole days!

Had to ad-lib the left side of the blue girl, since her whole body isn’t in the original picture.


One of these days, I’ll figure out how to draw a simple quick hand, decided I could get away with a mitten-ed version.

The clothes definitely needed some pattern. 


Here’s the Inspiration picture from foreversouls on flickrAren’t those kids adorable????  I love how they are doing exactly what they are told, but you can tell that a few of them have decided to do a little daydreaming!  Just precious!

My version of DANCE LINE!!

December 7, 2010

Santa Bird in a Sketchbook

                    Background Quilt made in 2005, click here for full view.
Well, he’s not in the SKETCHBOOK yet, but he’s on his way!!  He’s been a little preoccupied with helping me decorate my house, do a little lot of shopping, some organizing and various other holiday activities.  This is the month where blogging will be decided for me…….Do I blog or do I help my family?  Do I blog or do I shop for loved ones?  Do I blog or do I visit?  So, if you don’t see me around here much, it’s because of those other duties.  Plus, my well is a little dry….I have no new ideas….none… zilch….zippo!!  Ugh!  But Hey, don’t you just love those holiday colors????   All those reds and greens….. my all-time favorite colors!!

My Santa started out like this….really quite ordinary….and yes, a little boring!


Oops!  Actually, here is the bare-bones Santa…..this is how he really started.  If you’d like to color him in, you can download the drawing HERE.   I’d love to see your finished version, please come back and leave your link below.


It was fun to add some patterns to his clothes!!  A little ‘tangle here and a little tangle there!!  I miss my markers when I’m sketching, what can I say?

Sam the Singing Santa…..He plays this role every single year…..Wouldn’t miss it, even if you paid him to stay away.  He is the jolliest one in his family, that’s why he gets to wear the outfit.  His younger cousins absolutely couldn’t believe their sleepy little eyes when they saw him that first Christmas morning.  They were completely shocked when he’d pull out the very toy they had written on their list which was mailed to the North Pole….There was just one older cousin that thought he sounded awfully familiar. 

My next big challenge is to get this house decorated in time for Christmas.   Click HERE to see how I did it last year.  May change things up a bit, which makes it more interesting!

I have a confession:  I’m finding that I don’t enjoy decorating the tree like I used to…. I’m a little bored with it….but I love pulling out and decorating with all the other Holiday knick-knacks!!  Now, those are FUN!!  How about you?

December 1, 2010

Facing Forward….Senior Sketch

I ran out of Patience……why?  Well, it has to do with the H.A.I.R !! 


I think the next “Drawing” Book I purchase should be “Drawing Hair for Dummies”  or something like that!  I could not for the life of me, replicate the curly hair on the original picture!!  I think too linear!!!  Yep, straight lines et al!

I don’t know if others do this, but I have taken to the habit of outlining my sketches with my finest Micron Pen (.005).  I like the pop it gives and I think with time, it may help keep the graphite in place…don’t know if it will actually work, though.


Because I learn by trial and error (yep, just like 99% of the rest of the human race). These are the fault points in this sketch:

  1. I seem to have trouble making the head tilt……I only seem to be able to draw a North-South head.
  2. The chin area should be a bit thicker.
  3. The nose is too long.
  4. The Hair…..well, that’s an OBVIOUS one!
  5. ________ fill in the blank!

Since this is for my Sketchbook Project, it’ll be gone in 6 weeks.  Good thing we have digital cameras, and I can keep my own copy of the sketch for sentimental reasons.  I only have room for one or two more drawings in the sketchbook.  Wow!!  I just may have this thing done before Christmas. 

Thanks for your comments and if ANYONE has any hair drawing suggestions or references, I’d love to hear them.
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