December 31, 2010

Word of the Year


Wow, today is the last day of 2010….where did it go?  I’ve got my act together this year (well… a little together anyway).   Because I have picked a Word for the Year.   I had too many word choices last year, and with that I got overwhelmed.  So, when I get overwhelmed I cope by shutting down…doing nothing…..walking away.   After all, the only person that it mattered to was me….so ignoring the whole idea was a viable option. 

Head over to Christine Kane's blog and you can read up about the whole “Word of the Year” theme which is in lieu of the dated “New Year’s Resolutions”. 

Here’s my little guy holding up my word.  For some reason NOTICE stuck with me.  Probably because I can be in my own little world, thinking my own little thoughts being rather oblivious to things or people.    I think it’s time I started to look for ways that I can be of service instead of thinking of what others can do for me.  Even being nicer, kinder or more thoughtful would be a better way to live.  If I am to be of help I need to see what needs to be done.  Not aiming for perfection here…Not aiming to change the world…..just aiming to improve my own back yard.

Well, this is the plan anyway……at least it’s a Start.    

Have you chosen a word?  Made a new resolution?  Are you ready for a New Year?  Happy New Year regardless :D


iHanna said...

I am trying to pick a word, but its... complicated! :-) Happy New Creative Year to you Eden! See you around!

Anonymous said...

Dear Eden,
Your 2011 drawing is ASTOUNDING!! I hope you don't mind but, I printed it and I'll be using it on the front of my personal journal. It is a glorious drawing, and I'll be studying it all year. Thank you so very much.

Eden said...

Happy New Year Hanna and Trece!!

@ Trece- I'm just tickled that you like the 2011 doodle that much :D

thirdborndaughter said...

My word is heart. I have planned to write one blog post a week about heart and all it contains for me.
Notice is a good one, too. Paying attention is part of the heart theme I've chosen. Don't worry about changing the world. All you are responsible for is what's in front of you, so do what's in front of you and I will do the same. Peace to you!

Trece said...

I will surely post a photo once I've got iy done!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't decide on one word, so I chose two: Love and Prosper

Ildiko said...

i love your doodled year! it is so radiant and happy !
my word would be harmony -the aim would be to find that,lol,in everything i do and my surroundings...

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