January 1, 2011

A New Year….therefore…. A New Blog Banner


If you’ve been following this blog for awhile you have probably noticed that I like to update my Blog Banners!   After all it’s such an easy “Pick Me Up” for the blog and it’s fun to see new ones.  I must tell you, there are some blog banners I’ve used that I couldn’t care less if I ever see again, then there are others that I’ve grown quite attached to….Ahhhhh….such is life! 


I have taken to the habit of incorporating one or two photographs into the banners.


I’m trying to have the banner reflect what I’ve actually drawn or posted on this blog recently.  So…..I like to display a sketch up there as well.  I’ll include a bird from my bird series and a drawing from the Sketchbook Project (Facing Forward).


This banner was a fun one because I included one of the girls from my Matryoshka series.


I thought it was appropriate to use my actual Alphabet doodles for the word “doodle” here.   I’ve done 2 sets of the letters now.  Both with Upper and Lower cases.  I prefer the more recent doodled letters.  Someday I’ll post them all here then you can see for yourself.


If you see any digital elements in the blog banners, they are most likely from Scrapgirls.  When I first started digital scrapbooking I thought It would be cool to be a Scrapgirl Digital Designer….then I realized I didn’t know how to draw…..so now….I’m drawing, I’m erasing and I’m doodling.  Learning as I go.

If you are curious about the dimensions to the blog banners for most sites.  The banner size: 11 x 2.75 inches at 300 dpi.  I have no problem uploading the banners to this site thru Blogger, Thank Goodness.

So, is there a Blog Banner that appeals to you here?  Any one out of the 6 posted?…. just curious…I think my favorite one is the 3rd down....the one that says "Today just Draw, Doodle and Decorate".


Anonymous said...

I like your new banner alot! What fun to do a new one for the beginning of the year. I smiled at your first banner with your doodled alphabet letters. Someday I will need to finish mine. I think I was making it too hard on myself and put the project aside.
Happy New Year Eden, and thanks for being part of my doodle community!

Serena said...

OH, they are all so lovely, I find it really hard to pick any favourite/s. The Merry Xmas one is great....I love the one that has 'today' on it but then, I also really like the one that has 'random thoughts' on it. Nah...I just can't pick one. It's a great idea to change your banner regularly...I might try that a bit more this year.

Happy 2011 to you!!


CJD said...

Hi I like 2 also with 3 as a very close 2nd. I love the Christmas one too but since we are in Jan now I didn't choose that one. Happy New Year to you.

http://daisyyellow.squarespace.com said...

Eden, I like the third banner as well - the art/photos work together quite well. I seem to hold my blog banner as untouchable, although I change other stuff on my blog a lot, so I don't know why! I like seeing these all together. Happy New Year!!!

thirdborndaughter said...

I always love your banners!

Ildiko said...

i loved your banner when i first met you (it was the second one from below) and i was surprised by the change.but i've got to love the new one v much too :)(i think it is like listening to music,familiarise with the new tones then loving it each time more and more...)..so i say my favs are the 2md and3rd from below.whilst i must recognize that the newest banner is very appealing ,but that it seems a bit crowded to me....(yet,lol)
Happy New Year !!!

Eden said...

Thanks for your nice comments, you guys :D

@lldiko- YOu are so right! This banner is busy!! I think I should limit the pics up there to 6....i was being greedy when I put the 7th one in :D

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