January 29, 2011

Allow me……


Out of the 32 birds I’ve drawn, I’ve only drawn about 6 males.  First there was Andre, then Artist Bird, then Clarence, then Umbrella bird (not sure if this one is male or female though) , and last the 2 boys in the Carpool.  To balance things out, it was time for another male.  After all, they should have equal rights too, dontchathink?

Working on a denim shirt here as you can see.

I had to, just HAD to make his suspenders Red. Thought the stripes added a bit of character to the guy.  Possibly his wife bought them, LOL!

Henry-the-Handyman…….Now this guy is a real catch!  He can fix anything, ANYTHING!  He will always give it his best shot.  He’s got a real understanding of the whole mechanical picture and instinctively knows how things operate.  He has been known to totally dis-assemble all kinds of equipment just to figure out why it’s making that funny noise.  It’s a good thing he can reassemble it back, too. But as usual….there’s sometimes an extra screw or two unclaimed.  Not the best at math….good thing he’s not a carpenter.

Oh…and I just have to add…..there are a few women that think this way too!!  I, however, am not one of them!

That’s suppose to be a pick-up/ utility truck behind him, with a red ladder on it.  Debated with myself about making a sky.  Decided if I was going to put a sky in….it had to be photoshopped…..I have not been pleased at all with the effects of blue Faber Castell markers on the horizon.  If anyone has any tips about using markers for the sky, I…am...all…ears.

Gotta love photoshop!!


jinxxxygirl said...

Just love him!Love what you do with markers. Colored pencil are my go to medium with a little bit of marker in there to line things or darken an area. Great job!

iHanna said...

He is awesome Eden, makes me smile!

Elena said...

Looks great! His suspenders and story line made me smile!

Julia Christie said...

He is sooooo cute! Caught my attention right away because my sweetie is a mechanic and our two littlest boys have little tool belts and follow him around 'fixing' things all the time...I just love him!
The sky turned out perfect too. And I'm a sucker for suspenders of any pattern - these are perfect!


Semeeah said...

Those are nice colors you pick out!You have a good blog!

Janet said...

Henry is a hunk! Gotta love a man who is handy with tools. HB is an electrician so I go for those tool belt guys!

PS - HB used to wear a pair of red striped suspenders!! I always thought they were so cool.

Serena said...

Fantastic! I remember when we were kids, my brother used to get a new toy car and, within a day, he would have it all pulled apart just to see how it worked. Problem was that he wasn't too good at putting them back together....thank goodness, he mastered that side of things when he grew up. lol

Eden said...

Glad you guys like the red suspenders and to think that Janet actually knew someone that wore them!! Too funny!

Eileen Bergen said...

Equal rights for birds - maybe we need to make more signs, Eden. lol.

Love the red suspenders and the tool belt. Your details just bring these guys to life.

Deidra said...

I think Henry needs a Henrietta! ;)

lori vliegen said...

i can't remember ever seeing a more dapper looking handyman......henry is a rock star!! and i totally agree with everyone.....the red-and-white-striped suspenders make the outfit!

congrats on the opening of your etsy shop, eden!! your doodle directory is a fabulous idea!! much success to you, girlfriend!! xox, :))

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