January 11, 2011

List It Tuesday…….Biographies


I’m using this drawing today because #1- you haven’t seen it yet……#2- It fits with the Biography theme since most biography covers have a face or a head on them.

I drew this last year from a picture of a quilt in the Master's Art Quilts book.  The book is just loaded with visual cloth delights…..seriously!  I wasn’t that happy with this drawing, so I shelved it.  Sure wish I had a pic of the quilt that inspired it, but I don’t. 

And here’s my list of Biographies that I’ve read recently (well, within the last 10 yrs)  for List-It-Tuesday:


I love BIOGRAPHIES!!!  Love them!!  If I had my choice between two books about the same person, I would pick the Auto-biography over the Biography each and every time!  Why?  Because I want to hear what “they” say about their lives…not what someone else says about them.  The really interesting stuff is in the details….always in the details.
    1. Open- an auto-biography about Andre Agassi’s tennis training and life from a young child through to  retirement
    2. Steffi Graf
    3. Ronald Reagan
    4. Harry S Truman
    5. Dwight D Eisenhower
    6. Benjamin Franklin
    7. Bo Jackson- professional baseball and football player
    8. The Big Picture- auto-biography about Ben Carson,  a pediatric neurosurgeon who performed a successful operation that separated two twins born joined at their heads
    9. Crashing Through- about Mike May, a highly successful entrepreneur, athlete, husband and father who undergoes experimental surgery to regain the vision that he lost in a chemical explosion at age three.
    10. What’s Your Excuse- auto-biography about John Foppe, born without arms, has faced obstacles-both physical and emotional-his entire life. While some see his condition as a debilitating handicap, John disagrees. "Our only handicaps are those mental and emotional ones that prevent us from participating fully in life
    11. Black Like Me- auto-biography about  John Howard Griffin , a white man, who ran a social experiment.  He altered his appearance thru makeup and a drug that would darken his skin’s pigment to help him look like a colored man in 1959. This story is about how he was treated and his thoughts during those 6 weeks. 
I’m just as interested in the not-so Famous as I am in the Famous people…..but I must confess….I’m not all that interested in celebrities.  I just noticed I’ve only read one book about a woman!  Yikes!  Wait....I forgot, I read about Jackie Kennedy Onassis (Jackie O), I wanted to know what the big deal was about her.  Next, I'd like to read about Martha Graham, a dancer, choreographer and teacher for more than 70 years. That would be a good read.

Anyone else into Biographies????  I’d love to hear your suggestions.


jinxxxygirl said...

Nope , sorry i read fantasy books. Although i have seen some biographies that look interesting. I think i would like the autobiography ones best too. Love your drawing!

aimee said...

believe it or not, one of my favorites was one i read back in the 80s by estee lauder!

Anonymous said...

I be liking 'dis post !!!

and isn't the iPad a wonderful thing! I know I love mine!

have a good one!

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina

storybeader said...

Have you read "House at Sugar Beach" by Helene Cooper? That was a great autobio. And Wolf Hall (about Thomas Cromwell) My book club reads books by and/or about women, and has come up w/ some great titles. {:-D

Karen M said...

How about Madaleine Albright's Madam Secretary? That was a good one.

cath c said...

gorgeous art!

i love biographies and autbiograpies, too! my recent favorite is sidney poitier's 'measure of man' - i highly recommend it. it's about much more than celebrity.

Eden said...

Thanks so much for the Biography suggestions!! I'm going to make a note of them all!! Word of mouth is the best way to get recommendations!!

S.E.Minegar said...

lovely cover. i enjoyed American Prometheus: J. Robert Oppenheimer. it's mega long, but interesting.

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