January 8, 2011

Mail Art….


I participated in a Mail Sketch Art Swap last year (oops, forgot to count that in my achievements), and It was a lot of Fun!!

You see, I’m such a robot…..I’ve never ever decorated the outside of any mail envelopes….Never!!  I got such a kick out of the envelope I received for the swap, didn’t even know it was “allowed” to decorate the outside of envelopes that go thru our US Postal service…..I guess I thought FDA regulations wouldn’t permit it or something.  But I’m over that now.  Good thing!!

This is the envelope that I mailed off to my bloggie-Bud Janet.  As I walked into the Post Office to mail this, the clerks commented on it…..they seemed to like it…..and then they mentioned that some of the most beautiful and amazing envelope art  they see is from the Prison community!  Huh???…..Yep, the prisoners decorate the outside of their envelopes a lot….apparently!  Well, that’s a good thing…..I mean they are already incarcerated, paying for their crimes, might as well put something beautiful out there for others to enjoy.  I just found that so interesting.

Just another view.

I found this treat in my mailbox yesterday from bloggie-bud Aimee at Artsyville.   She even decorated the outside of the envelope for me….isn’t she sweet?  Love my little mini-card Aimee….Thank You :D

So, anyone know of any mail art swaps going on now???  I think once I get my sketchbook project in the mail next week…..I just may have a little time to decorate an envelope!!  Woo Who!!


queencake and titangirl said...

i love these! i always think it`s so wonderful to have a " real letter " in your mailbox, instead of just bills &e-mails. and iT´s even more wonderful when the envelopes are so vibrant.

Janet said...

It was fun to receive such a cheerful, brightly decorated envelope. I love getting snail mail so that's why I've decided to send more of it this year. I don't think you need a mail swap....just surprise someone with a note or a card and they'll love it.

stART said...

I've been posting mail art to my daughter in University - she's only a few hours away and home every second weekend but what better way to show the love? Congrats on discovering another way to share your art with the world - just think of all the lives it can touch as it wends its way through the postal system...

aimee said...

the details in your letters are so intricate... i can't imagine how long that must take! every time i look i see something new. and oh, that last piece looks quite familiar! glad you enjoyed :)

Eileen Bergen said...

I don't know of any mail art swaps right now, Eden, but I participated in my first one a couple of months ago and I agree - it really is fun.

I enjoyed the little tidbit about mail art being popular in jails - so much better than gangs and such.

When I took my mail art to mail, the clerk was very nice but it was just, "This weighs X and will cost Y to mail".

rachel awes said...

i love your every letter.

Kristin Dudish said...

Love your letters!

Such fun mail to give and receive... I just might have to look into a mail swap :)


p.s. I just saw a sitcom this past week where one of the characters mailed a high heel shoe (no wrapping - just the shoe with postage) to prove how "cool" the U.S. postal service is!

Debbie said...

What a cute blog you have! Love your letters!

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