January 21, 2011

Journal Jots…..


Who are these people that get their “great ideas” in the shower?  I’d like to meet one, just one……I have never had an original thought in the shower….ever!  Usually my original thoughts happen while I’m busy doing something else…..like  w.o.r.k.i.n.g….  Which was what happened to me here.  The above is my draft for my next drawing.  Since, I’m done with the Sketchbook project, I’m a little lost….don’t know where I should focus my energy next.  Ahhhh well!


So, once I got home, I thought I’d give that draft a chance.


As usual, I start my drawings in the contour mode.  Once I have it to the coloring book stage……then….thefunbegins!!!


Armed with my DOODLE  DIRECTORY, I picked a few patterns that I thought would show up well in a black-white-gray color scheme.


Had to capture a picture in this stage, because if I totally flub the next step, this post would’ve ended here.


This part worked….Thank God.   I used watercolor pencils and just wanted to give the journal color. 


Joyce-the-Journaler……..She’s been journaling almost all her life.  It began as a way to control her tongue, but it’s morphed into a place where she can work out her thoughts.  She writes whatever comes into her pretty-little-head, sometimes what she writes makes sense and sometimes not so much.  But it’s a habit now, and if she hasn’t written for a few days, she feels a little dis-combobulated.


rachel awes said...

i love joyce
& all the evidence
of all the colorful beauty
that comes from
inside her. xox

Chel said...

The color and pattern are DELICIOUS!!

Janet said...

I'll say it again....you are the BEST at these sketches/doodles. I love the mostly B&W with just the color on the journal.

Rebecca Anthony said...

This is perfect, I love your details!

pedalpower said...

Love this! and if my blog did not already have a name, I'd steal "Joyce the Journaler"....I love it!

Serena said...

Wonderful job, Eden!!

lori vliegen said...

joyce is one jazzy journaler!! i always love the way you "dress" your drawings.......so hip and cool, in a very wonderful zentangle kind of way!! love your concept of rainbow journal pages......thanks for sharing your process! xox

Judy H in NC said...

I love seeing how a picture evolves. It is fascinating to view the process.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Eden! I love this soooo much! I guess I relate because I love my journal so much. The colors and the patterns are super!

stART said...

Absolutely fabulous! The narrative of your illustration goes on beyond your words.

Kirsten said...

Well - I do - get some of my best ideas in the shower :):)
It's great to see the different steps in your drawing.

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