December 30, 2010

Doodle Directory INDEX

It’s taken me awhile but I’m finally ready to unveil 4 more directory pages…..WooWho!! 


These pages don’t have much color because I was just trying to get familiar with a pattern.  The nice thing is, you can always color it in later, anyway you want once the pattern is chosen.


I’m working on a small project now that I’m pretty excited about if it WORKS and I so appreciate the fact that I’ve made these doodle directory pages for reference.


Doodling is not hard, just a bunch of squiggles, circles, loops and lines.  I do like the simplicity of repetition. 


I think it’s best when coloring in an area with a set pattern to use “Complementary Colors (colors opposite on the color wheel)” or “Colors in the same family”.  Harmonious Color schemes are a study in and of themselves.  It’s also fun to experiment with your color choices…..use primary colors in a segment, then try some secondary colors.  Try different tones or hues.  The possibilities are endless.

My other directory Pages can be found at the following links:

Hope these patterns inspire you to pick up your pen and doodle a bit…’s Fun!!


ArtfulLee Designed said...

Hi Eden
i love your directory pages. Such a great reference tool. I think I will do one for myself too. Thanks for the inspiration

Liberty said...

I love it SO much when you share these directory pages Eden! thanks for being inspiring :-)

Eden said...

Thanks Lee and Libby, these pages get me over many-a-hump :D

aimee said...

cool... they're like catalogs of mental exercises! LOVE 'em!

Anonymous said...

I tried to send an email but came back undeliverable. I am so impressed by your doodles I wish I had your talent. I saw somewhere where you talked about the type of pens you use but now I can't find it. Are there blending ones. I know the sharpies you can't blend but what about the others? Every pen sharpie/pentel all bleed thru the paper. Do you ever sell the pics that you printed of your doodles. Can one print the ones you have on your blog so we can practic? Can you email me back at So we can talk? Thanks!

Eden said...

@ Sunlite- just emailed you :D

Debbie said...

These areall inspiring to a newbie art journalist! Ta v much

Katrina said...

Thank you for the inspiration!! This is a BLAST!! You have some fabulous doodles and a great talent.

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