May 16, 2010

Doodle Directory continued….


I thought I’d show you my marker stash! As you can see it contains numerous, Sharpie poster water-based markers, Sharpie ultra-fine, Bic Mark-its ultra-fine, Faber-Castell pitt pens, Gelly Rolls, Sakura Microns, and some Marvy LePlume’s. I think the good thing about having all these different brands of pens is that the colors vary ever so slightly. If I want to draw something in a bunch of green’s for example, I can pull out about 8-10 different greens from my stash and each one will vary slightly in color or tone!

I prefer the nibs of the Sharpie ultra-fines and the Bic Ultra-fines to the Faber-Castell Brush nibs, because once you’ve used the FC brush pen a few times, the brush gets a little sloppy. I’m all for precision and control! Unless I have to color in a big space then the Brush nibs are great (Faber-Castell, Sakura, LePlume). The gelly rolls have such vibrant colors but make sure you let them dry before you close your notebook or lay your hand on top of them! Ugh! Only takes a few minutes to dry though…..However, they will retain a certain shine afterwards


I really liked the Collide, Circle Suns and Rainbow boxes here! Not much of a swirl-girl, the Branch swirls are hard for me!! Probably my wrist isn’t very flexible! Nothing like another zig-zag to keep boredom at bay!


Loved the Tiny Circles that I’ve seen so often on flickr. I probably should’ve varied the size more, would’ve made it more interesting. The Numerical and Alpha Huddles were the result of having a little fun with my stencils!


The wood grain, spider web and straw spindles would be a good reminder for me when I do a total black/white zentangle.


Pulled out my good dSLR for these shots. I wanted to play with my aperture settings and composition!
I think my guardian angel’s wondering what color she’ll use next!


Liberty said...

oh wow!
I am drooling over that stash!!

Some of my favourites from your doodles above are:
tiny circles
hexagons (love it!)
jellyfish (LOVE it!)
and for some reason I like those pegs! :-)

Eden said...

Oh, you crack me up!!! I did those pegs and it was like, they don't belong!! Thank you Liberty you made my day :D

Marthann's Musings said...

And I thought I had a lot of markers !!LOL You use almost all the same ones I do, except I also like Micron for tiny lines. I love markers and coloring in with them. Love you pic's .Thanks for sharing.

Chel said...

My favorite black pens are Microns, but I'm all over the place with colored pens. I have a brand new pack of the Mark-It's, but I didn't know they came in ultra-fine (adding that to my list!). I also have a huge stash of Le Plume's from when I pretended to be a scrapbookers that I'm making more use of now. But the ink doesn't flow very consistently for me no matter how I store them. I do like ultra-fine tips, though. I wish someone would make just a BLANK ultra-fine tipped pen that I could dip into different watercolor paints and then wash off.

Janet said...

OMG! I'm green with envy over your stash of pens! I agree with a couple of the others, I like black Micron pens for doing detail work. And I love Chel's idea of a blank pen that could be dipped in paint. That would be so cool!!!

rrARTz said...

oh what a treat for the eyes!!!! i love, love, LOVE all the color!!!!! i have never heard of the Bic Mark-its. where are they sold? are they permanent and do they bleed?

Eden said...

Those microns are such good pens!! Do you guys like the .05 or the .1 for your outling?

Chel- That sounds like a cool pen, that's the nice thing about watercolors!! The ability to wash off the pigment!

rrARTz- you can get the Bic Mark-its at Walmart, Office Depot, Target.... they claim to be PERMANENT amd ACID-FREE ink. I don't use them with watercoloring much so can't say if their claim is legit!!

Serena said...

OMG!!! That is some serious pen stash!! I'm so jealous! Your doodles are always so colourful, bright and cheery. I love Micron pens too and I tend to use the .05 for outlining in my sketchbooks. :)

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