May 14, 2010

My Blue Babushka

I know she’s not really a Babushka, she’s a Matryoshka, but it didn’t rhyme!
She started out like this….just a bunch of lines and squares.  I thought she’d be so cute in a little gingham smock-type dress.  Simple enough, since I can do lines and I can do squares, so I was happy! 
Had to consult the little color generator, once again to help with the decision making. 
See below….
Had to change a few things on her compared to the other dolls!  Since I was happy with the previous faces, had to try my hand at a new face style, I gave her a side part instead of the down-the-middle, and eyelashes.   What pretty Danish girl doesn’t have long beautiful eyelashes?  Possibly enhanced by maybelline, but that’s no big deal.  Drew the hair strands in as if she were a comic book figure.  Not very happy with the eyes, either too big, or too blue, not sure which.
Danielle- the Danish Doll……she likes clothes, and flowers, and dressing up.  She so Dutch!  She’s still in school and is quite the student.  She’s social enough, but tends to be more reserved than most of her friends.  That’s ok, she’ll open up when she’s ready.
Ahhh, now just one more to go!! 
I wish I was Sam on bewitched, I could just twinkle my nose and have these drawings be 3D…..


Janet said...

I wish you could twinkle your nose, too! That would be awesome to see your dolls in 3D. I like your little Danish girl and her colors are great. I'm going to have to try that color generator site. It looks like fun.

Marthann's Musings said...

Oh wow, I love them all. Great color generator, and great choices. Can't wait to see the next ones.

Liberty said...

I totally love her dress!!
And that colour designer is such a good find. Thank you so much! It will be my new toy :-)

gypsy said...

Seeing your dolls cozy together, they are just stunning! I love your color selection, and using the color generator sounds like a really fun way to work.

Eveline said...

I realllyy love them! My granddad was Polish, and now my mum has a Matryoshka obsession. ;)

Just one small thing though.. If she's Danish she can't be Dutch. ;)

Eden said...

Thanks Eveline, you are good!! I used the term as a figure of speech! Thanks :D

Anonymous said...

So is she Dnish, or is she Dutch? They're two totally different countries, you know.

Eden said...

I'm just laughing here! Cuz she really hasn't even lived out of the US, she lives in my moleskine! And yes the Netherlands is not Denmark!!

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