May 2, 2010



Rachel- the Russian……She’s always cold, always!! She really wants to get away to a warm place for a vacation. The winters are hard for her, but she has all the warmest, colorful clothes and good, sturdy, styling boots. So, the weather only holds her back in blizzard conditions.

I prefer to call these dolls Babushka’s but…..did you know that Babushka is the Russian female name for Grandmother? Who knew? Well, obviously this little gal isn’t a grandmother…she’s more like a granddaughter. Isn’t she cute? I, of course, stayed in my comfort zone colors of Green & Red, since this was a new draw for me! I will be challenging myself shortly to do a doll in Pinks or even Purples. Why don’t I get these colors? I have the worst time making them work. I think I’ll check out that color generator site and see what combo’s they can give me before I lay pen to paper for this challenge!

Then, after I take on my self-inflicted color dare. I just may draw a whole set of these Matryoshka nesting dolls.

Didn’t care for this face, so after much erasing, I opted for Simple…..once again!

DEFINITION: A set of matryoshkas consists of a wooden figure which separates, top from bottom, to reveal another figure of the same sort inside, which has, in turn, another figure inside of it, and so on. The number of nested figures is traditionally at least five, but can be much more, up to several dozen with sufficiently fine craftsmanship.

Did you read that?????? There can be up to several dozen dolls in a nest with sufficiently fine craftsmanship!! Ok, now I’m on a mission!! I’ve got to find a set that has that many? Can you imagine? Will hopefully have camera in purse when I stumble upon this!! Albeit, I have to go to Russia though!

How are you challenging yourself these days?


Marthann's Musings said...

Love your doll !! I remember having a set of those when I was a child. Love the colors, let me know if the color site says anything different. Love your bright cherry work.

Kate said...

Oh I love this. I never knew what Babuska meant, I always thought it was a scarf worn on the head. Wonderful post.

Mr. Spoqui said...

so colorful!

Janet said...

She's always. You do such fun and happy art.

PS - nope, not on vacation. Just busier than usual.

lori vliegen said...

i hope you don't have to go all the way to russia to get some of those nesting dolls (although you'd have a lot of doodling time on the plane ride over!)!! i love your little babushka's.....and i'm all for getting cozy in my color comfort zone! i say paint them in the colors that make you happy! :)))

Dawn said...

how funny! I had a friend who used to call me her Little Babushka all the time ;)

And i am HORRIBLE with greens...I prefer purples! I have a set of nesting dolls from Czech I believe. You have the colors and design spot on.

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