September 22, 2009

Family Room Project 1- DONE


Oh, what a feeling! Oh, what a Night! ….wait that’s a song, it’s more like “Oh what a summer”.

I started this silhouette mural wall project back in July - see this post , and I thought this was going to be so e..a..s..y!!! Well, not only does everyone in my house have an opinion about what silhouettes they prefer and what color fabric i should use. I then had to figure it out and buy the fabric, and then some!! I’d bring it home….test it out on a whitesheet background with the prospective fabrics wrapped around the individual canvas boards. I had to make sure that the fabric wasn’t too LOUD, too white, too similar to the other fabrics used, and wasn’t too graphic itself (meaning that the silhouettes would be lost against the backdrop fabric itself) Headache in a major way! If my “today” self could advise my “july” self I would tell her, pick all your fabric first! Coordinate…..Coordinate….Coordinate!!!


I just had to show you what I changed here:

1- Ikea Besta furniture for Entertainment unit (made all the difference)

2- Mounted the LCD TV on the wall! Can tilt, turn, and angle in many different directions!!

3- Mural Wall (Visual Interest, with lots of color!)

4- Ikea chair (kitchen chair, keeping the extra chair in the family room, made the “bib” for it)…….am contemplating making bibs for the other 5 kitchen chairs with different animals……

5- Ikea POANG chair, i have two in this room now, they really help with extra seating!!

6- Recovered the old valance (see HERE for better view)! Love the simplicity of this fabric!

7- Oops!!! Forgot to label #7, but it’s the repainted walls in a super light yellow! Sure beats the darker walls I’ve had since 2001! Those dark walls were one reason why I called this “The CAVE Room”……being married to a caveman he didn’t see any problem with them at all!! LOL!!

And another couple views of the Silhouette Mural Wall


And to help illustrate my point about figuring out your fabric before you get started. You gotta see the picture below!


Well, that’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by! I’ll have to invite you over for coffee in my family room after the total MAKEOVER is done…..this is just project 1 of my 4 project series (see this post for upcoming projects)!!!!! …….i, yi, i……

[ Eden [

September 20, 2009

PrismDesigns Homework

I picked up this PrismDesigns work book last week at Michaels and thought I could play around with the mandalas in it.  I really didn’t give myself many rules.  I could color outside of the box and I could embellish any of the shapes in anyway i wanted.  Again, this is a wonderful way to lose myself.  It’s also a fun thing to do while waiting or watching TV.  I also find it’s been a good exercise for me to control the pen. I’m exercising those finer muscles in my hand which will help me to make the lines go where i want them versus wobbly and sloppy.

I’m not sure why i’m drawn to this right now.  I’m still doodling and I think these pages will give me more ideas.  I’ve got a BIG IDEA brewing for something i want to paint.  I just have to find the right item.  When i do I’ll fill you in on it.

The pages come like this (see below).  Yes, just like a coloring book!  There is a whole collection of these books out there.  Nature, architecture, optical illusions and many more.  You’ll have to check them out some time.


Here is the first page I colored! 



I’d love to see or hear about the ways you practice your craft.  The homework the exercises you give yourself.  Please fill me in on the other tools and habits that you find fun and worthwhile.

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