July 31, 2009

Beach Time

I really should be packing, really....but how could I resist one last post of some beach pictures from last year? I grew up in this town and have such wonderful memories of this place. Moving here from StLouis when I was 15, I couldn't believe how lucky we were. I've seen this beach while it's been snowing, during huricanes, after hurricanes, in 100 degree weather and in 40 degree weather. It is never the same and yet.....it is somehow.

When we come back for our annual beach visit, we get our fill of the Gulf Shrimp, Raw oysters, crawfish, crab (if we can catch them in Little Sabine) and fish. It's so yummy! It's home!

I pack books, journals, magazines, markers and paper. I grab my camaras and never take as many pictures as I hope to. Sometimes I just take everything in: the sights, sounds, smells, sun and sand. But I bring all this stuff because it's my security, my "just in case I need it".

It's a wonderful gift this vacation and I can never say or do enough to thank my Dad and Bonnie for making it happen.

July 28, 2009

Numerical Doodles

I finished my Number Doodles last week! The Number 6 turned out pretty cool, a little break from the way I normally have doodled. Possibly I didn't know if the black marker would show up very clearly over the solid colors. I think i like.....

I haven't a clue what I'll do with these but they really were fun to do. You can see my whole set here on flickr.

Now, I just have to figure out what series I can doodle next......suggestions? anyone????

July 26, 2009


I really wanted to show you the magazine I got my inspiration from for my silhouette wall. It's Better Homes and Gardens issue Summmer 2009. I adapted their project a bit for the wall hangings by using Artists' Canvas boards, instead of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). The MDF would've been much cheaper but I felt it would've been harder to work with. At least with my Canvas boards I can take the fabric off and re-use them someday.

I also preferred the look of fabric than the look of decoupaged papers adhered to the boards. My way will take longer but I think it'll be worth it in the end.

I need to buy some more fabric for this project because some of what I used went into my Gypsy skirt. Versatile, yep, gotta love those versatile fabrics.

I think this wall that you see the Silhouettes leaning against will be a good backdrop for this type of display. I will need to make at least 3-5 more. Depending on the sizes I chose to use.

I really must FINISH something in this room. My energies are pretty scattered at the moment. Going to the beach next week and I'd like to take a couple silhouettes with me to applique. It should be easy enough to do and Lord knows I'll have the time in the car. If I can keep the car-sickness at bay while I stitch.

Progress......it's coming ever so S.L.O.W.L.Y.........

July 17, 2009

Colorful Gypsy Skirt

Do you ever have a bunch of projects that you are working on, then you come across something So cute, adorable and fun that you just drop everything until you see the “new” project to completion?

Yep, guilty! As charged! This skirt didn’t cost me a thing (well, only because I’d already built up quite a FABRIC STASH). Wait, I did have to buy something..... a package of “non-roll” 1-inch elastic for the waistband. For the whooping price of …..da-da-dum….. A dollar fifty.

I love summer skirts, I love all these fabrics, I love RED/GREEN/BLUE and YELLOW together! I really should’ve been a pre-school teacher. I am so drawn to these colors! I also adore that age……ah…well, that was a long time ago.

I digress…..
I adapted Moda Bake Shop's pattern a little, I used:

Top Layer: 5- 9.5” Squares (which I later clipped 1.5” off
before fastening the waistband. I’m short wasted)
Middle Layer: 44- 16.5” x 2.5” Stripes
Bottom Layer: 26- 7.5” Squares

I took one day to cut the Stripes and Squares. One Day to serge/sew the stripes and squares. The Third Day I did the waist band and cut numerous threads from the inside. I’m so glad that Vintage Farm Lady mentioned using a serger, BIG DIFFERENCE this made. I did not line this skirt because the fabrics are fairly high quality and not at all see through! Whoa!

Tomorrow night, I already know what to wear for dinner! Hee hee.

Here's One for $52

And one for $120

July 5, 2009

Too many Projects?

I have got so many things that I want to get completed this summer! I'm re-doing my Family Room, and since I bought white Ikea Besta cabinets, I wanted to crochet a granny square afghan throw for the room. After much trial and error, I've relearned how to crochet. I love the colors red and green together. I'm excited to get this project done.

I saw a neat idea in Better Homes & Garden "Do It Yourself" decorating magazine about adding color to your walls with white shapes on colored paper. I wanted this to last so I thought I'd needle-turn applique the shapes onto fun fabric and staple it to the white artist canvas' they have for sale at shops like Michaels, Joanns and Hobby Lobby. The article called for particle board, but I think that may be too heavy for my tastes.

I have a whole wall that I'd like to bring in some Family Pictures. As much as
I love COLOR, I think I'll do these pictures in Black and White. It'll help
to make them more timeless. But I have to tell you this is hard for me, I have
seen some really fun things that people have done with color images.I saw a
kind of Andy Warhol images where someone took their daughter and made the image very "sketchy", then brought in bold single colors for the background. It looked outstanding. But I don't want to overwhelm the room, so I'll do black and white. Which I've never done before.

My Grandmother made some super neat Embroidered pillows for my mom when we moved
to St.Louis a long, long time ago. My mom had white living room couches and
these embroidered pillows in a colorful patchwork design really popped on the
couch. I've always loved those pillows. So......20 yrs ago, I started my own
take on the embroidered pillows, but I cross-stitched them. Well, little did I
know then how much longer cross-stitching would take than if I embroidered them (which I didn't know how to do). So, I would put it down then pick it up. Well, after babies, moves, tennis, and whatever my latest passion was at the time, I
would come across this project half done and not feel inspired to complete it!
Well, I'm here to tell you, I found it again last month and I CAN'T WAIT to get
it done. I've even bought the piping. Just a little bit more work to finish it
up. I've got all the patchwork done in the center, it just needs a bigger
border! Woo-Who! I think this has been 22 yrs in the making!

I still doodle and I thought it would be fun to "doodle" on an actual object.
Joanns is selling these birdhouses for a buck, and I thought I'd give it a try. Don't know what I'll do with this, but it was sure fun to make. I'd like to do
a series and put them in my Family Room.

My head is swimming because I'm so excited to get these projects done. It's
been awhile since I've had any clue what I want to do on the inside of my
house. I have to just keep telling myself "first things first, Eden". Yep,
first things first. I hope to show you some completed projects soon. I've
always been a multi-tasker in the project arena because it helps me when
i get a little bored with something I'm working on. The challenge for me
is to make this all work together! I think I can....I think I can...I
think I can.... :)

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