August 16, 2013

Top 5 posts in 2013 @ Draw Doodle Decorate

I’m playing along with Tammy at Daisy Yellow this week where she wanted us to list our Top 5 posts of 2013.


1-  Circle Mandela- this one shot up fast in my stats!! Such a fun and relaxing way to play with markers.

2- Mandela Mania


3- Marker Review- if you’re gonna use markers it’s best to know what you’re buying.

4- Swirly Alphabet-

5- Many More Mandelas

I think we can all agree….we are a bit Hooked-On-Color….and there’s nothing wrong with that!  Smile

August 14, 2013

Out of the mouth of Babes


I came upon this image a few months ago and I thought it was so cool! So simple!

So, I broke the image up into 5 kids holding balloons.  It was watercolor time since I have so much to learn about this medium.

Gave each child a different color.

Initially, I wanted to doodle inside of each figure.  As seen with the legs on the blue girl.  But…it was not going as planned and the idea had to be abandoned.

Kids being who they are (honest and real)….and if we could just hear their thoughts I’d bet we’d hear a few of the following statements.

  1. Which hand is my right one?   (I didn’t figure this one out until high school)
  2. I don’t like dirty feet! (I’ve known a few kids like this)
  3. I think I like strawberry more than chocolate.  (Can’t imagine anyone thinking this)
  4. Is today Saturday? (Must’ve been spoken in the summer) 
  5. I wish I had the Blue Balloon. (You know how kids are)
I don’t think this is done yet, but I can’t think of anything else to embellish it with.   Ideas?

August 9, 2013

Outdoor…. En Plein Air


This is what my last morning on vacation looked like.  Gorgeous and not too hot…yet.


So….I grabbed my chair and supplies and thought I’d try some En Plein Air.

I have got SO much to learn about this.  I should call it plain air.


After about an hour, it was getting plenty hot.  I had only gotten this far.

What I hear from people who do this type of drawing is…it’s ok to take the picture only so far, that we don’t have to FINISH the piece in the same setting.

Since I no longer had my visual reference I just made things up as I went along.  I had wanted to do really bright colorful boats and houses…hence the pink sailboat. 

Does anyone else do this type of painting?  Do you have any plein air suggestions?  Sites?

August 7, 2013

Swirly Alphabet 3

And….the remaining 10 letters of the alphabet.

Just tried to add in more loop-de-loops and swirls than usual.

My new favorite swirl is the strands with beads on them….like the “R”.

If you missed the other letters of the alphabet you can find them here:
Now I just need to go and write something with this font.

August 5, 2013

Caricature Promo….Done

I did not intend to wait for my vacation to finally carve out some time to do the Caricature Sketch Giveaway from June. 

Thank you for waiting Barb Smile

What a fun group of ladies to caricature-ize in a WACKY way!!

I was filled in on what these ladies like and was given free rein to whimsy-size in any way I wanted.

Lady 1….the Artist (hence the paisley colorful design top)
Lady 2….the Biker (that’s my version of a motorcycle emblem on her shirt)
Lady 3….the Wine Connoisseur (the wine glass with her initial)
Lady 4….the Animal Lover (the I <3 Dogs writing)


What lively ladies….I’d love to hear some of their stories Smile

If anyone is interested in their own caricature picture sketch.… Please go here.

Thanks again Barb for letting me do this…it was a blast!!
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