June 30, 2008

Yellow Week- Day 1

The challenge to myself is to post YELLOW pics this week! I'll try to do it from today until Saturday. I'm just biting off a small piece. I know there are people who challenge themselves to post one pic a day, or one pic a month to their blogs and this really INSPIRES me. But ..... I am me and have my doubts if I'll be able to accept those types of challenges.

So, I've just made my own little "personal challenge". You are more than welcome to play along. I'd love to see what you do, so please leave a link here.

This pic was taken in Indianapolis this weekend at the Applebees in Castleton while I was waiting for my meal. I loved their Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad so much that I ordered it
three nights in a row. While waiting at the "Carside ToGo" spot I noticed their beautiful daffodils along the entire side of their restaurant. Since I just came from a swim meet I had my
good camera with me so I ran out and snatched a few pics. My DD had peanut butter and jelly, can you believe it. (But hey, she's old enough to know what she wants to eat while she's competing.)

*DEB Graphic Frames BrushSet from Scrapgirls.com

June 9, 2008

One Little Word Challenge

I did this for a little challenge at a neat place I just found on the web http://onelittleword.typepad.com/ . They've got alot going on over there. Lots of
creativity and cool artwork. Check them out if you get a chance.
The products used for this Layout are all from http://www.scrapgirls.com. Another
place I hang out and learn a ton from.

June 6, 2008

Happy Feet

June 2, 2008

Victoria Secret panties

How do you return underwear? Have you ever returned defective underwear?
I wore these panties twice and laundered them twice and look. The cotton
is breaking away from the band. This is really bad quality control on VS's part.
I love to buy my panties from VS, because they have the prettiest patterns and I ALWAYS KNOW HOW THEY WILL FIT, no surprises! Granted a couple yrs ago they decided to shorten the string bikini and not give us as much material. Hence they thought we must want to show more skin! Not me! I was very happy with the previous style. So I switched to the Hi-leg brief, or something like that.
Now look! I might as well buy my undies at JCPenney if this is going to happen!
I'm sure that it is made somewhere outside of the US and of course how will they ever know they have faulty underwear unless we can return, or complain or something!
I get those free coupons all the time for underwear and next time I go in I have to ask about their return policy. I love the way they sell there panties for 5/$25 such a deal!
But not when you can't wear them.
Any suggestions???
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