September 14, 2015

Block Letters…..O.G.S.H


Oh, I am so excited to show you my next series of Letters.


I got a new phone a couple of months ago and realized how unorganized I had become with my art digital files.


But…where there is a will there is a way and I was able to find and back up the my favorite pics of the following letters.


Unfortunately I don’t always remember to get a scan of the outlined image before I proceed to color.


Cuz it’s the coloring that really relaxes me.


I like the way this “G” turned out.  The stripes in the background were spontaneous.


The “S” was somewhat spontaneous too.  I just added a layer of different colors after each flower module.


Another favorite that I was surprised I liked so much.


And onto the “H”.  Lots of different doodling going on here…..without a theme.


Kind of like a patchwork quilt.


Finished this one back in February…..lots of color was needed to balance out the winter white of my world.  But then again….I need lots of color to balance out my world…period Smile

August 7, 2015


File Aug 04, 7 24 38 AM
(Doesn’t look a thing like me)
I came upon Francesco Lo Iacono on instagram (pinterest) and was immediately drawn to his watercolor illustrations.

File Aug 04, 7 34 11 AM
(I think I got the eyebrows, mouth and head shape right)
So, I tried to see what it’s like to watercolor people in a short time.

File Aug 04, 7 33 53 AM
(Only from the neck down did it replicate reality well)
Since, the people in my life have way more to do than pose for 30 minutes in front of me….

File Aug 03, 8 09 22 PM
(I liked a lot about this….and felt it resembled me pretty well)
I went to the next best thing……The mirror selfie.  She doesn’t’ roll her eyes at my incessant commands to sit still.

File Aug 03, 8 09 51 PM
(Doesn’t look anything like me….but very fun to write in reverse)
But I can only draw her straight-on or quartering.

File Aug 03, 8 10 13 PM
(Possibly the eyes should’ve been more wide set)
I like the way the clothes look in watercolor.

File Aug 03, 8 10 31 PM
(Tried the less is more technique)
Perspective is so important in these sketches.

File Aug 06, 10 31 26 AM
(This cracks me up cuz it looks like one of those Big Head caricatures)
I didn’t look in the mirror for this one, cuz I was tired of sitting on a stool in the bathroom.  So I looked on my monitor at a pic from a few years ago.


It’s funny that I drew each one of these from the same subject.  And each one of them carried something that was correct in the subject.  But the challenge is and will continue to be….to get those right pieces into one painting.

July 22, 2015

En Plein Air…..around town


This picture just represents SUMMER to me!!! Plus I bought 4 more bowls from anthropologie this month.


And this summer (for whatever reason) I decided it was time to try watercoloring on the spot…as I see it and with time restraints.  Above is a cute storefront in my town.


At the lab…..


At the mall, by the XBox One display.


At the house.


Out the back door.  Too funny, I can see that I made those tree house posts on the same level, which if I were paying attention to perspective I should’ve noticed!


At the mall in very hot weather.  I like it when I can go immediately to watercolor and not mess around with drawing in graphite first.


Speed painting at the mall…that same day.


A popular waterpark in my area.  These kids just refuse to sit still!!!  If I did this more often it would definitely help me capture people on paper better.


And my Art Supplies!!  Some of my favorite pictures are when artists draw their art supplies. 

June 29, 2015

Beach Week in Watercolor


Two weeks ago something clicked for me.  I wanted to sketch “on site”….”live”….”en plein air”.  So, I have gotten reacquainted with my little Koi watercolor travel set.


I knew I had to start somewhere, and it had to be colorful.  So I grabbed this crystal vase and put some colorful rocks in it and started to draw.  In watercolor…..I need to be looser / freer in my drawing. 


I’m trying to not bring out my pencil first….and start applying the watercolor directly onto the paper.  I have a tendency to be too exact!! …. and it’s a bit irritating!!


Did this one on break at work….about 20 minutes.


This one took a little longer, size is bigger and more details.


These ladies didn’t even know I was there (at Starbucks)…..I’m not too self-conscious so I can blend into the background rather easy.


I am notorious for falling asleep while driving….but this kept me occupied for a bit.  That road vibration doesn’t effect the watercolor application, but it does effect the .005 micro pen outlining at the end.


Another quick sketch done on the first day of vacation.  These don’t require a lot of thought or time.  30-45 minutes to lay down foundation then if I’m enjoying the sketch I’ll add more detail for another 20 min or so.


I had no binoculars so I had to guess on some of the house and deck features of these homes across the bay.


I liked this kitchen cabinet….so I drew it.  Perspective is all relative here!! Haha


Lots going on in this room.


Watching TV.


About 10 minutes in, I wondered why I bothered attempting this….but I just kept going, cuz there was nothing else I wanted to draw and I’m learning to quiet that internal critic.


Back to my favorite subject…people.  Goofed up the mouth on the far girl, then applied white out which made it only scarier.  Need to learn, less is more.

Brought three Danny Gregory books with me.  They will get you excited to try this type of art.

She said she’d pose for me!  What a treat!  Helps to see things better.


He kept changing positions on me. 


Another perspective bust…but oh well!


Had to do something to keep the boredom at bay during our drive home….does not look like my husband but it does look like a man!!


And just for the fun of it….A selfie!!   Again….doesn’t look like me but that’s not the point.  The point is….I’ve...Got….To….Practice, wish me luck Smile

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