July 17, 2009

Colorful Gypsy Skirt

Do you ever have a bunch of projects that you are working on, then you come across something So cute, adorable and fun that you just drop everything until you see the “new” project to completion?

Yep, guilty! As charged! This skirt didn’t cost me a thing (well, only because I’d already built up quite a FABRIC STASH). Wait, I did have to buy something..... a package of “non-roll” 1-inch elastic for the waistband. For the whooping price of …..da-da-dum….. A dollar fifty.

I love summer skirts, I love all these fabrics, I love RED/GREEN/BLUE and YELLOW together! I really should’ve been a pre-school teacher. I am so drawn to these colors! I also adore that age……ah…well, that was a long time ago.

I digress…..
I adapted Moda Bake Shop's pattern a little, I used:

Top Layer: 5- 9.5” Squares (which I later clipped 1.5” off
before fastening the waistband. I’m short wasted)
Middle Layer: 44- 16.5” x 2.5” Stripes
Bottom Layer: 26- 7.5” Squares

I took one day to cut the Stripes and Squares. One Day to serge/sew the stripes and squares. The Third Day I did the waist band and cut numerous threads from the inside. I’m so glad that Vintage Farm Lady mentioned using a serger, BIG DIFFERENCE this made. I did not line this skirt because the fabrics are fairly high quality and not at all see through! Whoa!

Tomorrow night, I already know what to wear for dinner! Hee hee.

Here's One for $52

And one for $120

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Mogulinteriordesign said...

beautiful skirt!!! you can buy more...

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