December 17, 2010

Dance Line

I had high expectations when I started this drawing!!  Too high!!  I even went out and purchased “real “ drawing paper, so that I wouldn’t have that stippling effect that appears when I use graphite on watercolor paper. 

At about this point, I realized I was in over my head!  I toned down my drawing and was happy that I got all those little bodies, somewhat proportioned and recognizable.  And wondered why I thought I was ready to sketch any further.

Once I bailed on my original plan, I just outlined the kids with permanent marker. 

I learned a bit about faces here…..not to draw too much.   If I’m keeping it simple than each mark has to speak loudly.  The third child from the left looks like he could be Frankenstein’s son…..Got a little carried away with my pencil for the mouth.

If I was really smart creative…..I would’ve made it so that these children were lined up to see Santa Claus.  Now, that would’ve been fun. 

However, I would’ve had to adjust each of their little arms……”no touching please”  WHICH …reminds me of the  ”she’s touching me” car commercial, where the family is taking a road trip and one of the kids barely touches the older sister, who totally freaks out about it….Ahhhh, the good ‘ole days!

Had to ad-lib the left side of the blue girl, since her whole body isn’t in the original picture.


One of these days, I’ll figure out how to draw a simple quick hand, decided I could get away with a mitten-ed version.

The clothes definitely needed some pattern. 


Here’s the Inspiration picture from foreversouls on flickrAren’t those kids adorable????  I love how they are doing exactly what they are told, but you can tell that a few of them have decided to do a little daydreaming!  Just precious!

My version of DANCE LINE!!


Rebecca Anthony said...

You are SOOOOOOOO COOL!!! I love this image and what you've done with it!! I tend to do mitten hands as well, they just don't seem important to me. I always go for the faces and patterns on clothing. You have done a fabulous job with this, I love it!!

Dawn said...

oh i LOVE LOVE LOVE this drawing and the picture.

rachel awes said...

oh i love your version!
i adore every stitch of their clothing!
i'd love to wear that sweater on
the third to the left!
i'm getting in line now,
with my hands on your dear shoulders,
leaning in to joyfully celebrate you!

Chel said...

I LOVE this- it's like you captured the children's spirits and personalities in the patterns. SO wonderful!

Deidra said...

So beautiful! I am a lover of dance, and this picture took me (way) back to the days when I was part of the dance line. If only our outfits had been so fancy!

(BTW - I completely agree with your words in your profile about the empty nest. I'm living it now, and it is just as wonderful as the days when the kids were both at home.)

Serena said...

Fabulous transformation using your own special flair, it!

Cheryl Smith said...

If you were really creative... Are you kidding me???? This is fantastic! I love the drawing, the mitten-ed hands, the patterns, the frankenstein boy (some boys would absolutely be like that in a dance line) and especially hearing/seeing your process. You are creative! Hey, I can draw stick figures but not even those on a computer.

Eden said...

Thanks for for all your nice comments!! Kids are so fun to draw and being able to doodle up some clothing even better!

Sandy said...

I love this!! Seeing this reminded me on New Years Eve I took photos of three grandkids in a dance line like this. Maybe I should try sketching it out.

Wonderful blog you have.

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