October 4, 2010

Facing Forward…… but looking down


It all started with this picture that I bought for my daughters room a long time ago.  I adore this picture, not only because it reminded me of what she used to do back then (at 4 yrs old), but because I love how those two little friends are comforting her.  It speaks volumes!!

I was wanting to put some sketch practice in.  I am much better at sketching the human form than faces at this time, so off I went to sketch a body in a similar sitting position.


This is the contour portion.  If I get it wrong here, then the entire picture is off.


Lots and lots of shading and highlighting going on here.  I don’t think I got the knees right.   Ah well, nobody’s  perfect!!


The head is a little squished….gotta fix that…..And if only….If Only…..I didn’t have to draw hands and
toes!! LOL!!

As you can see, the drawing is close….but a little skinnier than the original.  But it gave me the practice that I was looking for, and heck you gotta start somewhere, right?

Pretty much just winged the hair.  Blonde hair is so much easier than brunette hair and straight hair easier than curly.  If you can draw a straight line, you can draw this type of hair.  Absolutely not going to comment on the fingers and the toes….once again!

Not quite finished with this.  Must color in the suit.  Probably going to use watercolor pencils.  I really like how they look.

This bugs me….I don’t know if its the paper (Fabriano 140 lb. watercolor paper) or the graphite, but I get this stippling effect which is really noticeable in the darker areas.  I’m thinking it’s the paper.  If anyone out there knows, please fill me in.   Any suggestions to reduce this stippling effect?


JP said...

You are truly amazing! Keep up the great work.

A Creative Dream... said...

I think it's lovely, it may not be "perfect", but I see no imperfections!

Terri Kahrs said...

Personally, I think you did a wonderful job!!! Hugs, Terri

Julia Christie said...

this turned out wonderfully!!! I have such a hard time with hands and feet too I try really hard to avoid them if I can :-)

Great job


Chel said...

You're *so* talented- I love your work so much. I think it looks beautiful. I do try and draw on Bristol after learning that watercolor paper added too much texture to my ink drawings.

Dawn said...

gorgeous, dahling!

I have no idea, but I bet it is the paper. Its textured, isn't it?

aimee said...

wonderful!! i love your drawing experiments!!

rachel awes said...

i don't know the technical things,
but my heart knows your sweet goodness.
love your drawing, eden. xo

Anonymous said...

Yes...your paper has quite a bit of (what artist's call) 'TOOTH'...it has too much bite, and tends to grab onto your softer shading pencils...like you 4B-anything softer.

I use a non textured paper like Bristol or even a Vellum, when I don't want that type of effect, however, with that being said, It is a great drawing! yes, even the fingers and toes! hehee...

You said it was a watercolour paper,, and that totally has a lot of bite, so it can grab and hold the paint and water.....

but again, if it's only a light wash, the Bristol should handle it pretty well.

hope that helps!

Happy drawing!

Ciao bella

Serena said...

WOW, Eden....you did an awesome job!!! I love it! Yes, the textured paper is the problem....you could try some gentle blending with a paper stump/stub to even out that troublesome area.

Btw, so sorry I haven't been by to visit lately...my life hasn't been my own this past month with my daughter's wedding prep and subsequent wedding among other things. I will catch up with your other posts shortly.

Eden said...

Thanks for all your nice comments and Suggestions!! I was afraid it was the paper. Since this is what I'm using for the Sketchbook Project, I'll have to make do.....

Knowing that the bite effects the lead of 4B and softer, possibly I can go back in with a harder lead and at least get rid of some of the speckling.

You guys are good!!

lori vliegen said...

wow, eden!!! i'm sitting here trying to think of a way to express to you that this is an absolute masterpiece!!!! really!!! i don't see anything wrong with the fingers, toes, or stippling......but that's just me.......absolutely LOVING (and somewhat coveting) your magnificent drawing skills......really!!!!
xox, :))

dls said...

Thanks for sharing your process|art.... love the graphite drawing..... it's lovely

Lisa Holtzman said...

Incredible illustration Eden!!!

Anonymous said...

Check out this link for pencil stuff:

It was just talked about in the latest Artist's Magazine (using solvents with pencil drawings) and it might help. His animations show the changes that take place.

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