September 29, 2010



I came across Brene’s post at Ordinary Courage about her Perfect Protest.  It’s a quick and insightful read.  She invited people to link back to her site with a Perfect Protest sign of their own.  This looked like fun, so I made up my own sign, set the self-timer on the camera and this is my take.  Play along too, if you’re so inclined.  She’s written a book along the same lines, The Gifts of Imperfection.

I think we waste so much time and energy in striving for PERFECTION!  Really…..who are we trying to impress?  And is it even worth it?   Now striving for mastery (excellence) is different.

Perfectionism is a thief:
  • steals your joy
  • steals your time
  • steals your vision
  • steals your passion
  • steals your ability to be a beginner
  • steals your compassion
  • steals your acceptance
Has Perfectionism stolen anything from you?


iHanna said...

Eden, I love your photo!

I don't buy it either, there is nothing that is perfect in the sense that we think in our minds sometimes; to always strive for change. My favorite quote is "I am enough" :-)

Jeanne Nelson said...

Great post, and words of wisdom, Eden. Removing that "perfectionistic" attitude about myself, my art, my work ... my life ... has always been a challenge for me. Deeply embedded in my brain are all those "encouraging words" heard throughout my young life ~~ "strive to be the best, give it your all, make us proud, you can win, you can do better,..." What a great attitude ~~ "I'm not buying it anymore!" Do you mind if I link to your post so I can continue to be reminded of this great philosophy? Irreardless, thanks for sharing this freeing thought! Happy Day, Eden!

JP said...

Proves the good habits are actually difficult to break. See those question marks? Aren't they just a bit to perfect?

Martha Lever said...

This is so true, Eden. This is surely a challenge for me. Love the picture--so cute.

Marthann's Musings said...

Eden, I love this. Love your sox and shoes!! This is something I work on all the time.
Have a great day.

Liberty said...

AWEsome Eden! :-)
Perfectionism has stolen so much from me... or stood in the way of so much.
I hold back from attempting more than 75% of the art I'd like to do because of perfectionism. grr!

your socks and shoes rock btw :)

Eden said...

Thanks for sharing your struggles! Nothing's worse than that not measuring up feeling! Just trying to relax and do my best here.

@Jeanne- please link away :D

Jeanne Nelson said...

Thanks, Eden! I need a constant reminder of the wisdom in this post, ;)

Carrie said...

Perfectionism is definitely a thief - well put. You don't have to be perfect to be beautiful! I blog hopped over from the ordinary courage.

Kelly said...

Awesome post!!!

I just joined in on Brene's Perfect Protest. (Just found her blog last night, so I wasn't able to snap a picture). Once I hit a 30-something, I began to feel this way.
I have learned there is a sense of peace that comes with accepting little imperfections. :D
Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Okay this is clever! I love it..and the whole idea behind's, forgive me.....PERFECT! lol





ciao bella!


aimee said...

yes!! way to go!!

gypsy999 said...

Purposely imperfect, that's my goal.
Great ideas!

Monica said...

LOVE your photo and the list of what it steals. brilliant.

Isa said...

I love this!

Serena said...

Fab pic!!! I have issues with perfectionism holds me back from doing a lot more art than I would like to do.

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