September 5, 2010

A little Shout Out…..


Now, that I have your Attention with this random doodle that has no direction, whatsoever…..!

I just wanted to post some links of…….



Project Participants.

It’ll be a good way to see what other people are up to with their projects. Give you some ideas on how to expand the book you’re working on. Or… you see that this is a fun project and You Can Do It Too!

Here ya go:

1. Rebecca at Daisy Doll Gypsy Caravan……her theme is “Faces in the Crowd”

2. Dawn at Cathartic Creativity…….her theme is “In Flight”

3. Hanna at iHanna's Blog…..her theme is “Grids and Lines”

4. Ingrid at My Peace Tree…..theme ???

5. Liz at On the Surface……her theme is “A Day in the Life”

6. Sketchbook Doodle Head group

7. Alice at Ally Louise…..theme ???

8. Dori at The Dreaming Bear…..theme ???

9. Kathryn at Dyche Designs…. theme ???

10. Donna at The Happy Painter….her theme is “In Flight”

It’s always fun to peek into other peoples heads/ or art worlds, I think. If you are doing this sketchbook please leave a link in the comment section. I’d love to see what your up to as well.


Jeanne Nelson said...

Thank you, Eden!!! I've been looking for other SPB'ers ... besides the very talented twosome, Rebecca and yourself! I just received my sketchbook yesterday, and about DIED when I counted 81 pages, haha. I'll def be gluing some pages together and/or rebinding this baby. Will come back and check these links out when I return from my Hillsville trip. Best wishes for a beautiful day. I just love your colorful sketches.

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

Thank you so much Eden! What a surprise and an honor to be included!! My theme is A Day in The Life, btw. I decided to make it a day in the life of me. Considering I wear so many different hats I knew I would never lack for a subject to draw on. LOL. =) Best wishes on your sketchbook journey! xx

iHanna said...

Thanks for the mention Eden! I tried to post a comment a few hours ago but it didn't work then. Trying again now. It's fun to see what people are up to with this, it's amazing how it is growing, right? Soon every blogger we know will have a sketchbook to work in! :-)

Anonymous said...

Always dreaming of artician , seems good to me.


Alice said...

Yay thanks for the mention!
The sketchbook project is such a fun and inspiring project! I am loving it so much so far!
My theme is: 'if you lived here'

Glenys said...

They are so colourful. Like the details too.

Dawn said...

Yay, thanks Eden!! I have been a sketching fool on my trip. I can't wait to get home and post all my new drawings ;)

Rebecca Anthony said...

Thank you so much Eden!!!I have just been playing catch up on your posts and I am amazed with your talent. The Celtic weave is unreal!!! Your doodle above is incredible and your letters ..... well they are sensational!!

Marthann's Musings said...

Eden. I agree with what you said on my post. I mainly just want some avenues to give inspiration to do more art. I don't like to have too many deadlines to produce my art.
Do you have email? Mine is Have a good week.

Martha Lever said...

Hi Eden, Thanks for your comment today. And YOUR letters are absolutely fabulous!!!!!! Love them!!!

Gallery Juana said...

Found your link on Facebook.
It's definitely fun to take a peek at everyone's progress and interpretations on the themes.

My theme is "Adhere to Me."

My progress is here:

my blog:

Ingrid said...

thanks so much for the mention! my theme is "fragments of me" or something to that effect.

happy doodling!

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