September 15, 2010

Facing anyway but Forward… a car


My sister gave me the idea to do a car pool birdie-mom months ago. I just now got around to it. I didn’t notice until after I sketched the scene out that I messed up!! Ugh!! I wanted to do this page for my Sketchbook Project. Which means it wasn’t supposed to be drawn in my favorite watercolor moleskine. But drawn on the pre-cut paper that I get to adhere in the sketchbook later. Ah well, at least I got some sketch practice in.


My clueless-ness kicked in again, after I finished outlining this little bird I noticed something odd. Look at the phone….now…..look at the hand….what’s wrong with this picture???? Yep, it’s the fingers….I should’ve just made a thumb on the front side of the phone, not all those fingers. Ahhhh well, livin’ and learnin’….still!


This was the fun part!! Putting these kids in similar polo shirts. My car-pool kids all wore uniforms, which would’ve looked quite b.o.r.i.n.g to have them all in white tops, so I decided I’d dress these birds up a bit.


This guy cracks me up….cuz it’s obvious he doesn’t want to talk to his mom (much less be seen with her), and he’s listening to his ipod AND he’s talking to his friends in the backseat. He’s one of those kids that doesn’t want to miss a thing, that’s for sure!


Sharon-the-Chaperone……No matter what she’s doing, she has to drop everything at 3 o’clock, cuz that’s carpool time. When the kids were younger they’d run up to her and tell her all about their day and show her their art and their “A’s”. Now, that the kids are in Junior High, she has become invisible. Out of the 5 kids in her car pool, only one of them ever says “Thank You”.

Wow, this wasn’t meant to come off as a slam on kids, really! These little guys are changing so fast and learning so much about people and the world, its no wonder they are somewhat tunnel-visioned. And of course….all they really want is to fit in! Now, I’ve always loved my little birdie-kids, but I only like them when they like me. Thank goodness, this stage doesn’t last forever.

I need your help out there!! I want to add more accessories to the picture….you know like rings, and necklaces. But that’s all I can think of that’s an easy draw. Any suggestions? Thanks :)


Jeanne Nelson said...

How cute, Eden! I'm not a mom, but can imagine how realistic this scene is today for so many. You've added so many great details; the only thing I can think of to add would be some glasses ~~ maybe a pair of shades for the cool fella in the front seat?

JP said...

where are the tattoos? The piercings? Makeup?

re the fingers/thumb and the phone. I don't object to the whole hand. Maybe this little bird is texting?

Rebecca Anthony said...

You did it again, this is awesome! It's so true to life(O: I love all your detail, how about a flower on the girls ponytail holder? I'm a sucker for flowers in hair(O:

Eileen Bergen said...

Sooo cute!

Maybe you made the background plain so the little birdies would stand out, but it distracts my eye that the dashboard is totally flat with the center console like it's all one piece.

The fingers on the front of the phone don't bother me either - but I don't text - lol.

I love the details like the Starbucks cup and the tree air freshener. Your bird drawings are always so unique between the different characters and all their "accessories".

K.B. said...

Silly Bandz!!!

Dawn said...

I totally think you should "hip up" these kid birdies! I loveeeee this drawing!!! Give 'em some piercings and tats would be fun :)

Whitney said...

Thanks Eden! That is too cute. I didn't even notice that the hand was backward until you pointed it out and even then the picture didn't bother me - so don't sweat that!

I agree with Ellen that that window may need something perhaps a very light scenery? Very Faded clouds or a blur of trees?

As for the accessories - a cute watch? Tats and piercings aye? Though, Probably kids that wear polo shirts wouldn't have a tattoo. Maybe a preppy watch and a preppy class ring?

Eden said...

Wow, You guys are good!!

@Jeanne- gotta love those shades. Thanks!

@KB- Silly Bandz, why didn't I think of that???? And uber easy to draw!!

@Rebecca- Love the idea of a flower ponytail holder!

@Eileen & Whit- You're so right about the console, I was a bit overwhelmed by then...but I think I can do something with the front window.

@JP & Dawn- You crack me up!! I guess I could do another carpool mom who would be carpooling in the "Hood".....

K.B. said...

Oh, also I'm so very curious about why the radio station in your sketch is different than the one in your final. It will keep me up tonight!

lori vliegen said...

this is one rockin' carpool!!! i especially like i-pod boy's hair.....awesome!! i love the idea of giving some of them sunglasses....or maybe regular glasses? whatever you come up with it'll be great!!! xox, :))

Serena said...

This is looking great, Eden! Sorry, I can't think of any more than what has already been suggested.

Sandy said...

You could add one of those cool headbands to the Mom with a bird feather in it if it wasn't already colored. Maybe next time. Maybe one of the new Toy watches?

Eden said...

Thanks for all these good ideas!!! Should've asked you guys earlier!! LOL!

@K.B.- hope you got your good night's sleep!! You are one detailed-oriented person, I'm impressed! Actually the radio station changed because as she drove up it was on 99.7, but at 3pm when the kids get in the car, it goes RAPPY, and she can't stand it!

gypsy said...

Eden, Ideas... windshield wipers + sky/rain, inspection stickers, earrings on the mom + daughter, patterns on the cell phones. patterns on the mom's top.

Maybe they don't have thumbs!

Super fun!!!

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