September 28, 2010

Facing Forward…..on a bicycle


When Tammy drew that adorable bicycle sketch she inspired me to draw a bicycle myself.  Since she planted the seed, all I had to do was find a decent bicycle picture.   When I spotted this picture on Flickr…..I thought….Hmmmm, maybe I can draw this.  I like the bike, I like the girl and of course….yeah…..I like the beach!  So, off I went to draw this.  I made a total mess out of it!  First, I drew the bike too long, had to shorten it, then I drew the girl too small, had to enlarged her.  Then I decided…’s time to put away the graphite.  I needed a bit of color & doodle relief, because my confidence level was waning. 


Being one to favor the full color spectrum, I thought it would be fun to bring those rainbow colors into the wheel spokes. 


It was really hard NOT TO BRING OUT the stencils for the flowers!  I thought I’d wing the flower shapes, that it may add more interest.


Nothing like a little Zentangle background to make the colors more striking.


 Just a little close-up of the change in the flower design on the person.


Here’s a perfect example of changing your mind after starting a drawing!  It’s either work with what I’m comfortable with or just keep on erasing!  Some days I’m better at pushing past my comfort level.   As you can see, this wasn’t one of them.


Jeanne Nelson said...

What a striking spread ~~ absolutely grabs my attention, Eden! Your free-form flowers are beautiful; love all the tangles within them. Glad you kept pushing on with this one ~~ what a great piece!

JP said...

Your brain is just amazing.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this..that background could not have been more interesting..I think it was the most perfect choice! well done....I am inspired to get my pens out...and draw in my art journal!

thanks so much for coming by to see me...

come again today for TAG TUESDAY. - You never know, you could be ""IT""

ciao bella!


Kate said...

I love this too! Your art always makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous, happy drawing!I've only just found your Blog.I'm glad I did.

Dawn said...

sigh. i love your drawings!! I think the girl on the bicycle is GOOD. It amazes me how hard it can be to draw things and get it correctly, like angles and perspective. i spent two and a half hours last night trying to draw a Yoda Lego figure!

Can you please do a segment on how you come up with all your awesome doodles?!

Eden said...

Thanks for all the nice comments, Ladies!!

@Judy, so glad you stopped by and said "Hi"
@Dawn, I'd love to do a doodle design segment...hmmmm. Thanks for the idea :D

Stephanie ;) said...

I love your blog! Your drawings are inspirational, just what I need. I love drawing henna-inspired prints too! :)

Liberty said...

Eden this piece is so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
I love that you went with your flow even if it strayed from 'plans'.
I LOVE the result! I adore the rainbow wheels of course, being a rainbow lover, and I also really like how the colour of the lines changes as it passes over the person! very cool :)
p.s. I'm so glad you didn't use a stencil! I love the results, very organic.

gypsy said...

Eden, Bicyles. Flowers. Rainbows. Wonderful! So happy to see your freehand flowers - they are lovely and unique and have your wonderful psychedelic style. Yummy!!!

rachel awes said...

eden, oh how i adore this!
it's how i feeeeeel when i ride mine!!
(it's green w/a green basket
& i named her "may")!
loooooove to you, dear one!

Carrie said...

Hi Eden, your bicycle is so beautiful! I had never heard of a "zentangle" before & I love how the colors in yours, depending on what they are overlapping, change. Very creative & wonderful.

Michelle said...

This is incredible! You did a wonderful job :)

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