September 23, 2010

Chicago in PICTURES


I had what some would call an "Artist's Date" these past few days!!  I was totally and unbelievably spoiled for my birthday by my favorite Aunt.  We spent 2 full days, walking the streets of our countries 3rd largest city.  I hadn’t been downtown Chicago in about 15 yrs.  The last couple times I’ve been there I had to make sure I had enough juice boxes, didn’t forget the stroller, held little hands and watched closely where those little feet ran went.  This was a totally different experience.  It’s nice to be an ADULT and to even have a beer in the middle of the afternoon……Woo- who!!


The Art Institute of Chicago is HUGE, and by the time we got there, we were a bit rushed and exhausted.  It would’ve been best if I had a list of Artists I wanted to see then proceeded to those various wings.  The Contemporary Art section was not very impressive.  I think that some of it I could’ve done, really!! You too!  Please…. a painted picture of a diamond grid on point, with two colors…..who decided to call that art put that in?    I loved that we came upon a group of students drawing some sculptures!  I also spotted a workman painting a mural on a huge wall of one of the wings….he was following some Paint-by-Number map!  Too funny!  We came upon some Trompe l'oeil paintings, which means to “deceive the eye”….This was well worth the time, and we were fooled by each painting.  Some of the paintings looked like objects were hung inside of the frame,  very 3D, not flat.  The shadows and highlighting effects were amazing!  Probably should’ve taken more pictures…..pretty cool that I was even allowed to, as long as I didn’t use my flash.


Just a bunch of different pictures that I found interesting.  The bean, gold people figures and the man’s face (one at night and another with water coming out of the mouth) are from Millennium Park.  The Alpha/numerical structure, Ferris wheel, Statues of kids playing and Anchor are from Navy Pier.  Also pictured are: a few modes of transportation, Buckingham Fountain at night, an American Girl at the Hair Salon and other cool art work around the city.


We took a Architecture Boat Tour on the canal where I was able to get some really good pictures.  We learned a lot about the city and architecture of the buildings.  Apparently lots of the buildings were built in a way to compliment one another.  Oh, and the Sears Tower, has a new’s the Willis Tower now!  Ugh!


We walked around 12-15 miles and I took almost 600 pictures in two days.  Being a Proud American, how could I not take pictures of all the American Flags displayed throughout the city?  Gotta love digital cameras and 2 gigabyte memory cards!


And……then there’s SILLY!!!  All I can say is….I love people shots!!


JP said...

Yes, this was so much fun. Next time, we will start our day at the Art Museum and start with a docent so we learn a thing or two. That was my original intention......

This photo presentation is beautiful. How creative. Just so your blog friends know....I am not as large as I look in my green pants with the yellow flower - the camera lady must have been on a bad angle. No one could be that huge after all the walking we did in Chicago!

Elena said...

Ooops forgot to say I loved the story behind the guy painting the mural. Fun!

Elena said...

Ok, I thought I commented but who knows. I said I love seeing how the city looks through other people's eyes. You did a fab job with the photos and presentation and I love the shirts you two wore. So artistic.

Julia Christie said...

What a rich and lovely post! Glad to hear you had such a great time and Happy Birthday!


rachel awes said...

oh eden! i was too here in april...
these scenes, including the art institute,
are so deliciously familiar!
isn't it all so inspiring?!
loving it all beside you!
(have i mentioned i love your name, eden?!).

Eileen Bergen said...

Happy birthday, Eden!

What terrific pictures. Thanks for sharing.

I took the architectural boat tour about 15 years ago. Chicago is really an amazing city.

Lisa said...

I only live two hours from Chicago. You've inspired me to want to take a trip there with my camera! find the time!

Lisa L. Kay

aimee said...

woo hoo! my old stomping ground! your great pics bring back great memories for me!

lee said...

oh I wish I could go to Chicago it looks like a exciting city...I love the mural story, and pictures of you and your aunt

Leovi said...


itsallgroovy said...

Total Fun! Sounds like you had a great time~ I really enjoyed reading about your trip =) I love Chicago and you helped bring back some memories. I Especially love all the Picture Mosaics you made..THey are wonderful

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