September 3, 2010

I just love Walgreens…..


*stencil used for outline……gotta love those stencils!!

I’m so happy that Walgreens has their little “gift” section on their photo site. I just bought a friend a Christmas present and thought I could use a little notepad as well. I had drawn this Ladybug for my friend who is a total LADYBUG-FANATIC. Once the page was finished I didn’t know what to do with it. It was too small to frame because it was in my 5x8 moleskine. Then I remembered Walgreens gift section…. So, off I went to scan it, and upload the image to Walgreens. Then, I patiently waited for a sale…..they are like KOHLS in that they always have a sale. Plus, I’m finding it fun to never buy anything at Full-price….. if I can help it.


If I wanted to, I could have included (at no extra charge) her name, or “From the Desk of”, or a quote, pretty much anything that I wanted. But I opted for simple.


And this one is mine. My first attempt at drawing from a picture using watercolor pencils. This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my Dad.


I get such a kick out of seeing my work on items…. usable, everyday items! I am such a geek! Walgreens also made these for me a few months ago.

How about you? Do you put your artwork on everyday items? What sites have you found that you can recommend?


jp said...

Only one question....What did you get me?

Jeanne Nelson said...

What a great thing, putting your art on usable items, and then giving them away! I love the coffee mugs, and the note pads are terrific too. The recipients will haveta smile everything they use these. Happy weekend, and creating!

Penney said...

What a fantastic idea! I love it!

iHanna said...

What a great gift idea that is! I like the bug, super cute! I've done a wall calendar with my own art journal pages scanned in - it's a favorite "everyday item"! Love your doodles lately, and the sketchbooks. Mmm!

Janet said...

I had no idea Walgreen's did that! What a terrific and personal gift. I'm sure your friend will love it.

The Paris Salon said...

Great gift idea!! also makes some nice items with your images and the prices are reasonable. Last Christmas I had mousepads made with one of my images and a 2010 calendar on them, gave them away to work colleagues. They loved it!

Eileen Bergen said...

How clever. That's a really nice gift idea.

Have you heard about packing compound? I just learned about it and blogged it yesterday. It's the glue that is run along the top of a notepad so that the pages can be zipped off one-by-one.

I had no idea you could buy that for home crafting.

Anonymous said...

How VERY cool!! Makes me wish we had a Walgreen's around here!

joe tulips said...

How very cool!! I had no idea that this was possible. I just fell in love with Walgreens.
I had never thought of using a picture of artwork (or quilt).
I better get ready for work. I can think about all this later.

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