August 31, 2010

Facing Forward… a Picture Frame


This isn’t the best picture of me….but then again, it isn’t the worst either. I thought I’d do a self-portrait sketch from this picture.

Looking at this image again after some time away, I can see that the head shape or angle to the viewer is not replicated well…’s too straight-on. It needed more head-turn angle.


I found as the drawing progressed, it wasn’t looking like me at all. Then it dawned on me, I really didn’t have to make it look like me unless I wanted it to. I was free to draw any imaginary person I wanted. Hahaha. So what if it started off as a self-portrait, this is my book and I can do it my way. Plus, I do want to get this Sketchbook Project Moleskine done this year in a timely manner.


Took the sketching portion as far as I could before I started missing my markers. Used those wonderful stencils to add a floral decor to the picture frame. Then just started to doodle all over the place. That’s the fun part. The letting go of the analytical side and letting the right brain take over.


I doodled in the background with my Faber-Castell Black XS pen then gave the left edge of the frame a maroon bevel.

Now, I’m unsure where to take this next…….looks way to blank without putting something around the outside of the frame. I just read a letterform post from Lori over at Elvie Studio about lettering. She has a bunch of links to different styles of writing. I’m a willing student here, really…..but I’m in need of much instruction.

What do you guys think would look good in the background of this drawing? Ideas, suggestions, comments, complaints?


Vicki Holdwick said...

I love your sketch and think it looks quite a bit like you.


Janet said...

I think you did a great job on the looks like the photo. As for the background I don't know if it needs anything else. The frame is very cool.

Thanks for the lettering link. I have so much trouble doing lettering. Maybe I'll learn some tips.

lori vliegen said...

wow, can draw like there's no tomorrow!!! this is absolutely gorgeous!! i really LOVE the graphite portrait, and then your colorful border frames it's perfect, and SO illustrates who you are as an artist!! i personally love it just the way it is!!! xox, :))
p.s. thanks for the linky love!! xo

Julia Christie said...

Great start - I have to say I thought the picture of you was a picture of kim basinger - I think it's a really great pic of you.

I love this drawing- can't wait to see where you take it!


Eileen Bergen said...

I love the photo, the way you've cropped it and what you've done with it in your drawn version. You look so pensive.

For the background? Definitely something dreamy - clouds, swirly words ...

I look forward to seeing what you decide upon.

jp said...

KIS "Keep It Simple" principal comes to mind. I think this is beautiful. You need nothing more.

Eden said...

Gosh JP, the one I heard is "KISS" Keep it Simple Stupid!! LOL!! You are being polite :)

Dawn said...

Oh wow, the drawing is BEAUTIFUL!! Wow. You are awesome. I think the background in a solid color, or maybe a watercolor wash would be perfect. That way it doesn't compete with the border or detract from the amazing pencil drawing.

aimee said...

the likeness is amazing! what a great self portrait!

Rebecca Anthony said...

You don't realize but this looks a lot like that gorgeous picture of you!! You are so talented, the colors on the frame are so pretty too!! Your Sketchbook Project is rockin and a rolling my friend. The mixture of soft sketchy pencil surrounded by the clean colorful lines is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I think that is an awesome drawing! Absolutely beautiful! And personally I think the border detracts from the awesomeness of the drawing - sorry but those are my feelings - maybe not what you want to hear

rachel awes said...

you look beautifully reflective...
maybe somehow your thoughts
in the background?
lots of love
to the YOU who emerges
on page & heartbeating person.

Eden said...

Thanks for all your nice comments everyone!

@ Anonymous- I love your honesty, thank you for telling me, i'm not so confident in sketch drawings, so that's why I included the frame and markers. You are very kind :)

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

The drawing is great and love where this is going...I would definitely darken the background.
A grey or black...
I'm off to browse around.

Anonymous said...

I love how you've mixed the graphite sketch portion of this drawing with the contrast of the fun and whimsical border! I think that is the sign of a great art session..being able to accept what is happening before you and let go and embrace all aspects of creativity!

your background can be filled in with black paint so as to draw the viewer into your colourful frame and then further into the detailed wonderful pencil sketch. I think that anything else might detract from the great juxtaposition you've already got going on here...but the black outer edges might ground the page for you just enough!

well done!

thanks for sharing..and also for coming by to see me today!

ciao bella


Gallery Juana said...

I like how this came out. Artist Self-portraits always fascinate me.

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