August 23, 2010

A Troll for Luck


*Drawing inspired by this picture on Flickr.

Yikes!!….A troll facing forward. These guys are so ugly, they’re cute. Well, kinda…only if you dress them up and color them in, I think.

In the early to mid 90’s I bought about ten of these guys over a 2 yr period for my sister. They had the Lottery Troll, the Halloween Troll, the Birthday Troll, you get the picture. Promoted a little like beanie babies actually, just not stuffed, LOL!

Spent the entire weekend coloring this guy in. I really need a life. But then again, this is what I’m comfortable doing. I’m a bit of the book-worm type. Back in college I hung out in the library. Yes, I’m a Nerd! At least I can admit it now.


All that hair is a perfect place to add those RAINBOW colors to this guy. Don’t want to miss an opportunity to support the use of rainbow colored markers.


Had to doodle them up a bit to add interest.


Not quite done…..just need to do something to the background now.


Did you know that in the 1960’s these Troll Dolls were the second most popular doll right behind the Barbies, who’d have thought?

Part of the dolls charm was that it was so ugly - it had huge ears and a pot belly, no forehead and long strands of sheep's wool for hair. Danes believed the dolls were so ugly that you had to laugh at them and if you were laughing, nothing bad could happen to you. Soon the dolls became a source of good luck to people around the world. Initially they were favored by high school and college girls but soon grown men were carrying them around on their travels. This information found Here.

I bet if I looked around my house I’d find a troll doll stashed away somewhere. How about you?


Eileen Bergen said...

That's a definite improvement on the so-ugly-he's-cute little guy. I remember the troll craze. I love what you've done with his hair.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Goodness, this brings back childhood memories! My big sis had tons of these troll dolls, ... and I was scared of them, lol. Your drawing is awesome, Eden! Love when you use the rainbow! And this background Rocks!

JP said...

I love this one.

Ruthie said...

love your troll ... I remember the dolls -- I really like how you "doodled" him all up - awesome!

Shannon said...

how awesome is this?? we have a little troll that we call "indoogu" and he has become the family game - we hide him in different locations in families homes until one day you are suprised to find him in your shower or kitchen drawer. we take him on trips, too, and take photos of him. i love indoogu. thank you for reminding me it's time to get him out! LOVE the drawing!

Rebecca Anthony said...

This is SO awesome Eden!! You are SO fun!!! The doodles are incredible, I can seriously look at your work for hours!!

EVA said...

I still have 2 on my desk at home! And drew one (in pastels) recently.

I love yours! He is so gorgeous with all those doodles!!!

Really enjoying your "Facing Forward" efforts!!

Whitney said...

I think it was more than 10 and I may still have them stashed somewhere.


lori vliegen said...

i have a troll hanging on my peg board here in my studio.....she's dressed as a little dutch girl. her hair isn't nearly as fun as this little guy's hair, though!!! and if there were ever a time for a rainbow, it's with troll hair.....woo hoo!!! i love the way you've added your eden touches to him....he's fabulous!! thanks for taking us through the process, was fun to see that!! xox, :))

Anda: said...

I really love to read your blog! And this troll is wonderful! You can by them in the childrens store now. ;o)

Terri Kahrs said...

Fabulous, fabulous, FABULOUS fun!!!! Hugs, Terri

chel said...

Your art makes me so happy!

Dawn said...

ummmm....AWESOME! I remember trolls! I think maybe I had one or two, but they were ever so popular. I am in love with your colors and doodling and drawing ability.


rachel awes said...

eden! i loooove this! i have a troll w/green hair at my psychology office (so professional, i know!). i love EVERYTHING you did w/this!
i seem to love everything you do!
(& how in the world did you find me on that copic blog?!!! your magic powers are as great & beautiful as your art & heart!).
lots of love to you, friend across the colorful miles. xoxox

Julia Christie said...

How can something so ugly turn out so fabulous?!!! this is how. He is actually cute and the detail and color work if really amazing! I love him!


Darnita said...

I used to collect them when I was in high school. I even had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle troll. I actually think I still have that one and maybe two more lurking in my closet.

Anonymous said...

Wow I really love your stuff!

Serena said...

I remember they were quite popular in the 80's too. I didn't go crazy for them but I remember having a few little trolls that fitted rather unceremoniously on the end of a pencil for decoration.

I LOVE how you did the hair!

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i had troll dogs. i mean, those guys needed a pet. who else would love them.
your troll is wonderful and makes me smile. im going to share your flickr image on facebook.

Liem Bui said...

I always had a troll in the house and he's been lonely for so long. I'm so glad that I found Troll6 that you created. So here they are together:

Liêm Phó Nhòm

A Creative Dream... said...

I just love it... as a doodler myself, I'm really impressed with all of the work that went into it!

Cyndi L said...

That is SOOO cute! I always loved my troll dolls...far more than Barbies or anything else. I don't know what it was about them :-)

Cherie said...

Very cool. You've proven that doodling is an art form!

Joan said...

I remember trolls from way back. Great doodle!

Anonymous said...

Tu dibujo me sirvió para hacer un trabajo de Artes Visuales, muchas gracias, saludos desde Chile :)

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