August 21, 2010

A Dancer……Facing Forward


Well, I got permission from the photographer (Tilak Haria on flickr) to post this picture on here, but he disabled downloading. So the only thing I could think of was to take a picture of my monitor. Which doesn’t do the picture justice, please click over to the original to see it much better. It’s no wonder he disabled downloading with over 2000 views and over 75 people calling it a Favorite on flickr, I would too.

What drew me to this Dancer was the colors of her dress. Ahhhh, such beauty. But I kept it simple and just colored in the dress my way…..Remember the sketchbook has to be completed by January, so had to speed things up a bit……plus didn’t think I could draw in all that detail anyway.


Still in my contour drawing mode because you gotta start somewhere and it allows me to use the drawing like I would a coloring book.


I don’t know if the watercolor pencils were the right choice for these parts of the dress. I thought they’d show more contour and shading, did not pull that off.


Markers are so much more predictable. In other words, I’m so much more comfortable with the markers versus the pencils.


The face of the actual dancer is so much prettier than this simple one. I only noticed after I outlined her lips that they are not centered….. Shoot!


The cool thing about her dress is the way it was partitioned off. Which allowed me freedom to doodle or zentangle in those striped areas anyway I pleased.


I got the idea from Rebecca at DaisyDolls Gypsy Caravan to use the music symbols in the background. She had zentangled some faces where she used music notes….I thought it was Brilliant! Since, I don’t know how to read music please forgive me if this is all gibberish!

All-in-All she was a lot of fun to draw.

Whew, that’s page 5 complete!


Jeanne Nelson said...

She's beautiful, in all her splendid colors, Eden. Your paisley prints are amazing ... and I'm so with you on not being able to read music. You drew the notes in, didn't you??? (I'd be the one whom would 'cheat' and use copied sheet music ... most likely placed upside down, not being sure which way the notes go, lol.) It looks great, and blends nicely with the theme for her. Your Sketchbook is coming along nicely. Wishing you a great weekend!

Elena said...

What a beautiful creation!

JP said...

...and another thing! How did you get to be this old and not learn how to read music? We will have to work on this...

JP said...

Where is my first comment? Oh well, here it is again. I think the lips are perfect - they show the speed of the spin and the motion of the body in her face. The original picture appears a little "off center" too. The strength of her twirl is accented. I love this. It is a wonderful piece of art.

Whitney said...

You chickened out on the bracelets huh? It still looks pretty cool. I wonder if the guy who took the original picture got any gigs from it.

Eileen Bergen said...

She's beautiful!

I hope you don't mind a couple of technical questions.

1. What are you using to fill in the orange?

2. How did you paint/color white spots on top of orange?!

Your attention to detail is wonderful. I'm enjoying watching your journal unfold.

Eden said...

@Jeanne and Elena- Thanks so much for your nice comments

@JP- Some things in life I can now say "I don't have to learn that or do that" like reading sheet music and eating brussel sprouts. LOL! Also Jane, thatnks for the nice comment about her mouth :)

@Whitney- You are one sharp Chica....can't put anything past you, can I? I forgot to color in the one bracelet I did and make it appear beaded. No fear, I just may do that after all.

I think the photographer is a Pro. He wants me to send him my finished piece of "art" jpg when thru, he's going to be disappointed.

@Eileen- Love the questions :)
The orange is done with Sharpie fine points, I used a lot of the Faber Castell colored Pitt pens on this too.
The White dots are those bulky Sharpie Poster Paints water based....Love them for this type of thing.

Hope that helps :D

Dawn said...

Ahh Eden, fantastic. When I see you have a new post, I can barely click fast enough to see what you did for the day!!! THe second I saw this lovely picture, I knew your drawing of her would be fantastic. And it is. I love, love her dress.


chel said...

I love it! How long did this take you? I'm just curious! :)

Shirley said...

I love it, and I especially loved seeing how you did it, from point of inspiration to completion.

Eden said...

Thanks Dawn and Shirley :)

@ Chel- this took me two days to draw. Usually one day is the outline, the next is the colors and doodles. The music notes were easy just lines and circles :D

Tilak Haria said...

Thanks Eden, I liked your drawing of my picture 'Rajasthani Dancer'.

Thanks again and wish you All the Best.

Tilak Haria

bherulal said...

shri tilak ji,

congrulation for select your picture drawing Rajasthani Dancer for yo
u and EDEN


rachel awes said...

it's always christmas when i visit here ~
dazzling lights, a gift for my eyes & heart,
a new creation, a celebration!
love your dancer!
don't you just adore how she's holding her hands?!
& every dancing color/layer/note?!
ya da, da da da dai da!
(i can just hear the chant!)

lee said...

you did a great job of the dancer, so beautiful, I love your art

Eileen Bergen said...

Eden, thanks so much for answering my questions. I'm on the lookout for Sharpie poster paints and fine points.

Rebecca Anthony said...

This is amazing Eden!! WOW!!! Your sketchbook is amazing already!!

Serena said...

Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, Eden....this is gorgeous!

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