August 14, 2010

Facing Forward….with an Umbrella


Ahhh, the beginning of a drawing…..everything is so neat, clean and white…..and the color choices in my head get to speak their minds (not always listening to what’s going on up there, but they get to speak, LOL!)

Then as the drawing progresses, the desk gets sloppier and sloppier! I’m a slob! Especially while immersed in something. My DH keeps asking me when I’m going to pick up my markers…..I just tell him…. “Soon, Honey, soon"


Closer view of my tools on my sloppy desk…..


Still can’t seem to get away from my RAINBOW color scheme. Just can’t…..too fun to use all those lovely colors, I think.


Hand-drawn bird and umbrella….stenciled in the paisley shapes & anchor. I doodled a different pattern on the separate color sections to add some variety. Doodled inside the shapes with a white marker, I was hoping the inner white doodles would stand out a little more…..but it worked. The shapes’ background color had variation according to the lines from the umbrella sections.


There’s so much in life that’s unplanned, out of our control and totally unexpected…Just hold onto your anchor and keep FACING FORWARD.

Had to bring the book theme “Facing Forward” onto the page in some way, so this is what I came up with, kind of fits with my life right now!

This was a very relaxing piece to do, something about zoning out while filling in the color sections, the repetitive nature of the backgrounds and that good ‘ole slow journaling.


Rebecca Anthony said...

This is such a lovely post, you incorporated your theme perfectly! Well done, this is going to be a fabulous sketchbook!!

Anonymous said...

Thats so pretty! I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanne Nelson said...

Love this Little Birdie, Eden!!! The rainbow colors on the umbrella, the paisley designs, the anchor and message are perfect... and the stubble on his head is darling and brings a smile to my face. Love your art! Gotta try those sharpie markers!

Dawn said...

oh you are just excelling at these birds! This page is awesome, yet again! I love it.

lori vliegen said...

your little birdies always put a big smile on my face! and i love it that you're hooked on rainbows.....what could be happier than that?!! your sketchbook is off to a great start!! xox, :))

Serena said...

This post makes me want to rush out and buy myself a set of Sharpie coloured markers. What a lovely drawing and a great message to match, Eden.

Btw, when I'm working in my sketchbook, my desk gets VERY messy too. LOL

rachel awes said...

eden, how i love thee birdee!
& what a gorgeous umbrella!
i'm in love w/a paisly rainbow anchor!
YES to all that's flowing out of your heart
& pen! xox

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