August 18, 2010

Facing Forward on a Striped Rug


Photographer: Sarowen on Flickr graciously let me post her picture.

I fell in love with this picture, which I spotted on Flickr a few days ago. Don’t you just love those colors? That cotton rope rug? Those shoes? Well, I could do without the shoes, I’m not really a “ballet slipper-shoe” type, but that’s just me.


This is more my style!!! LOL!!

Back to the drawing……This was really fun to draw, ONCE I figured out all those little vertical lines. If you look closely there is a pattern to the vertical threads, it shows up in every other row. The odd rows are blues/greens- the cooler variety, and the even rows are the red/pinks- the warmer colors. This was driving me crazy until I figured it out!


The nice thing about this drawing was that I was able to use my watercolor pencils! Those are such a blast to use. I like to mark up the page, then go back with a small wet brush and spread out all that pigment. Joy! …really! It doesn’t take much to keep me amused.


Using my C-L (Creative-License) here to make the shoes any way I want them, this by far is the BEST thing about drawing. Photoshop has it’s limits at times, well actually it would just take me a heck of a lot longer to make flowers on the tops of the shoes, but it can be done.

I may draw another pair of shoes, we’ll see….I have some other ideas for facing forward that I hope to be able to make work. I get pretty bored if I don’t change things up a bit every now and then.


Anyone else doing the Sketchbook Project? How’s it coming along?


Jeanne Nelson said...

Eden, Your Facing Forward Sketchbook is awesome! Another great page; I love the shoes ... and that rug is beautiful. Your bright color palette grabs my attention immediately, ... and makes me want to "flip the page" to see what's next! Honestly, I plan to participate in this project ... but I continue to be distracted from it with other projects. However, I continue to tell myself, "I have until October to sign up!" This isn't like me; where is this procrastination coming from, hmm? I need to just take the plunge, order the book, and then I'll HAVE to get busy on it. Best wishes for a beautiful and creative week!

rachel awes said...

i wholeheartedly would buy the shoes you
created here! i love them!
& you did them proud by drawing that
beautiful rug as a backdrop, gumdrop, beauty plop! xoxox

Mary said...

okay, don't you just love with something finally clicks?? I just realized who you are on flickr! :) I have loved all your doodles and colors for a long time, but never connected the doodle dots before today!!

Love this drawing as I do the rest of your work!

Have a great day!

chel said...

I think you might consider a career in shoe design ;)

Eden said...

@ Jeanne......I urge you to plop down that $25 and do the sketchbook project....sign up, get your moleskine and then just let your ideas percolate. You CAN Do it!!

@ that "backdrop, gumdrop, beauty plop" saying....I really must get out more :D

@ Mary....yeah all these blogs and flickr names it's amazing I can keep up with anyone anywhere! Glad you stopped by today....I'm trying to get better at leaving that doodle dot trail, the birds kept eating the bread crumbs :D

@ Chel....You CRACK me up :D :D

Dawn said...

oohhhhhhh....lovely. i can't stop commenting on these :D

My sketchbook project? not started! :( I can't seem to think of how I want to do this. BOO.

Rug Cleaning said...

I love it so much! What a beautiful drawing. I see that you are putting your new ideas to greater use.

aimee said...

that is AWESOME! I love how you turn your pictures into doodles - that is on my list to try someday!

lori vliegen said...

you've definitely found your niche, sweet doodle sketchbook artist!! i absolutely heart these shoes to no end!!! and you go girl for hanging in there with that's a masterpiece!!! xox, :))

Darnita said...

I am so loving the shoes on the striped rug. Will you be selling this image, Eden?

Anonymous said...

I love the peace and photos! Great idea you have and always do.

pammyjo said...

I love everything about this piece of work. Fabulicious. So love the colors in this whole post. Great work.

Kirstin said...

Love this!

Serena said...

WOW...this reminds me of when I painted a plaid blanket with folds nearly did my eyes in. lol You did a fabulous job, Eden! Your sketchbook is going to be spectacular when finished ~ :)

Daisy Yellow said...

Perhaps my favorite of your drawings... ever!

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