August 11, 2010

Welcome Page……sketchbook project


With my theme being “Facing Forward”, I kinda cheated and did a page similar to my last bird (A Bird at the Beach). I thought I’d have the bird Waving and the little “word bubble” giving my information. However, I’m a bit conflicted because they are planning on supplying their own “about me” page with the information I give them.


* Here’s the official Info page that is given out with each sketchbook. For those of you on the fence…. please peruse…’s really not that scarry!

Below is the Info I’m talking about that leaves me scratching my head.


So… now I need to figure out what to write in the Word Bubble of the Welcome Page. Ahhhh, I make this so much harder than it needs to be. I’ll leave it blank for now. Suggestions, Ideas, Concerns, Opinions, Complaints, anyone??? Anyone?


There is a method to my madness with the pebble squares in the background. I used the ROY G BIV theory of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. With each line in those colors using different tones throughout the row.


With all those rainbow colors going on in the background, I had to tone down my Bird…..what better way than with Black and White and a good excuse to Zentangle a bit, too!


Was unsure of what to glue the pages with, and settled on the Mod Podge. I had it, never used it, thought it was a good time to try it out.





Rebecca Anthony said...

What a fabulous start to your sketchbook, I could look at those zentangles all day!! I think the ROY G BIV as your fist page pallet here is very inviting! I was a little curious about the pocket in the front but it will be on the black inside cover so I wouldn't worry if you still wanted to illustrate the words on your welcome page, it will look amazing. Even if it says similar things to the card they will be inserting, there is nothing like that hand written artsy style you have(O: As I look at this bird waving and it looks like it's about to tell me something I'm about to see as I flip through your sketchbook. Hi birdie!! Well done Eden, you're off to a great start here!!

Vicki Holdwick said...

I think this is a great first page and agree with Rebecca that it doesn't matter if your "official bio" says something similar. Your bird is too cute and I love all the colors.

That page will definitely make people anxious to look through all the rest of the journal.


Jeanne Nelson said...

This is a stunning intro page, Eden!!! My 9-yr-old great niece is here viewing this with me, and we are both wanting to grab this book out of the screen and touch it! Love the rainbow-colored dots in the background, with the B&W birdie ~~ absolutely stunning! As for the bio in the bubble, my thought, also, is to go for it. I'm thinking, "what if the card in the front pocket gets lost from the book?" Should that happen, your info would still be in the book!

Also, in your first picture, I THOUGHT you had rebound the book on the short side (there realized in a subsequent pic, that this wasn't so) ~~ but what a cool idea!

K, I've read the 'instructions' and GOTTA do this now, lol! Thank you for sharing this, and your awesomeness, with me! Your book is going to be AMAZING!!!

Liberty said...

oh Eden!!! "Ta-da" is right!!
I LOVE this page!
the rainbow progression is stunning and vibrant. I love how you have made it more rich by varying the shades of the colours within their line.
the black and white bird contrasts very well.

my idea would be to just leave that cloud blank until one day your intuition speaks up with what to put in!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love!!!! My mom Rebecca loves your work too!! We come every day and love the post that you have done!!!

Darnita said...

Your birdies are so cool! I considered doing the Sketchbook Project, but I think I freaked myself out about it. I have no idea what to sketch or draw. At any point, were you apprehensive about doing the project?

chel said...

I love this so much! I think because it's YOUR book and YOUR project and YOUR statement that if you want the word bubble to be more about you, you SHOULD do it. I see the book as sort of the "empty space of a gallery" and you can put in that gallery space anything you like, in any order. Even if the "gallery space" already has a placard with a bio about you, does that mean you shouldn't make a biographical statement through a work of art you place in that room? Go for it!

Janet said...

Once again you've blown me away with your art. This birdie with the zentangles is perfect and the background is so full of color. I love it! Go ahead....put your info in the bubble. The card could get lost and this way your info will always be there.

Dawn said...

uh oh! you are ahead of me! ahhh!! (This is AWESOME incentive to get my butt in gear) I LOVE your first page! I didnt even think about a welcome page...hmmm...and the gluing idea! Brilliant! Seems so much easier.

Eden said...

@Rebecca, Vicki, Jeanne, Liberty, Chel & Janet-Wow, I'm overwhelmed with your kind words and suggestions! You all have such valid points! I'll wait a bit......and see.....Will let you know....

@ Darnita, you BET I was apprehensive, then I got my courage up, signed up....then I got apprehensive again!! I just figured, I could just duplicate stuff I've already done, if my well runs dry! Go for it Girl :D

@ Emma Grace- Thank YOU, I am so impressed that you are interested in this stuff!! You will be doing some AMAZING things of your own, so very soon.....your taking in so much now....Your Mom is exposing you to such cool art through her own art too!

gypsy999 said...

Eden, The VIVID colors in your work always makes me smile! And now your designs will be permanently out in the world, such a cool concept. Just have fun with it! Maybe for the bubble you could have some sort of welcome to your world of color + pattern?

Serena said...

What a fabulous welcome page, Eden!!! LOVE IT!!! I tend to agree that you should still go ahead and do some 'about me' word art in the bubble. :)

Eileen Bergen said...

It's awesome! I admire your patience with the lovely background and your fearlessness is showing us close-ups. I never want people to look too closely at my work. lol.

It must have taken ages to paint in all the surrounds black without smearing.

The birdie is simply delightful.

Eden said...

Thanks for your encouraging words Dawn, Tammy, Serena :D

@ Eileen, Now I have to tell you my little secret....sssshhhhh....I do the color blocks first then outline in black, and "pebblicize" it. No worries cuz No smudging!...I'll show you sometime. Thanks for your asking :D

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