July 17, 2010

Foot fetish???? Hmmmmm….

Actually…..it’s more like a Sock Fetish! And I’m not the only one, my daughter inherited it as well! I ransacked her sock drawer yesterday because I needed a striped sock. And look at all the goodies I found. It’s 95 degrees outside and I haven’t seen her wear any of these socks in months, possibly years. I don’t think she’ll notice they’re missing. If this were my sock collection, I’d have less pink and purple and way more reds,greens, and yellows….but that’s just me. Unfortunately, I’ve since grown out of my sock-mania- obsession.


As I said, I was looking for a striped sock, because I wanted stripes in my drawing not the funky pattern from the socks on the monitor. (Using creative license once again, to make things easier on me by replacing original sock pattern with stripes. Otherwise, I’d throw in the towel and be done with it). I must say, it’s a tad hard to draw in this position. Glad I was only concerned with the stripes at the heel though.


Made the stripes the colors I wanted, because it’s allowed (you know with that creative license et al). And for some reason, I can never remember the order of the Rainbow colors. Never!! If someone knows a pneumonic or rhyme to help….please share!


If you’re wondering what I used…..markers or watercolor pencils???? This was done with the watercolor pencils! Aren’t these colors vibrant? I am really impressed! At first, whenever I thought of watercolors, I always thought of those subtle, light, pastel colors….which I have to admit is a bit of a turn-off. But these colors, wow… they rock! Really! Very simple drawing, not much shading, cuz I don’t know how to do that with the watercolor pencils. Just a bit of highlighting, cuz I don’t know what I’m doing. Basically what this drawing was good for, was CONTOUR drawing. You know, getting the correct shape down on paper.

Again, I used my C-L (creative license) to make the socks longer, hence giving me more stripes to color in!! Ahhhh, pure heaven for the simple minded!


Rebecca Anthony said...

ROY G BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)
These socks are so much fun. I love socks too but don't have any as cool as all these(O: I love the watercolor pencils and I do believe you have some serious talent girl when it comes to shading!!!!!!!!

Janet said...

I'd wear those socks....well, when it gets cooler!

Dawn said...

Yeah, HELLO! Did you never learn ROY B. BIV ?!?!?!

LOL. Silly Eden :)

How 'bout 5 Tomatoes for 5,280 feet in a mile?

Those are the two things that really stuck with me from my elementary years. hehehe.

Dawn said...

Oops! Roy G. BIV!

(Duh--to me)

And I love your drawing.

Kate said...

I'd wear the socks too, but not in 90 degree heat. They look lovely. You'd like the Inktense pencils because I think they are even brighter than regular watercolors.

aimee said...

yummy color both on the feet and the page!

Eileen Bergen said...

Your description of distorting yourself to see the sock while you draw makes me smile. Great colors!

I love watercolor pencils too. You can make them less intense for a more traditional water color look. Have you discovered you can also erase any stray marks before you apply water - Shhh!

Liberty said...

hi Eden,

I love those socks!!! (the ones you painted).
the rainbow ones are my favourite - I am a huge sucker for rainbows.
thank you Rebecca and Dawn for that handy way to remember the progression!
I can never recall what colour it begins on.

As someone who loved acrylics but had to switch, I've been really happy with how vibrant watercolours can actually be.
If you want to see a few examples, you could look at 'Nebula' and 'Jubilant' on my blog back in February. They are done just with inexpensive semi-moist Prang watercolours (which I love) but I am sure other brands could match that vibrancy. Another brand I've tried that matches it is the Yarka student... but I actually dislike how moist they are because it's too easy to end up with too much or too little pigment on the brush.
Prangs are moist enough to wet easily but firm enough that you can make a nice little puddle of uniform colour to dip into :-)

Julia Christie said...

These are just great! I am a color girl so I love all the brilliant colors. I am going to try out the watercolor pencils I have had forever and see how it goes for me. I am inspired!


Eden said...

I knew I could count on my Smart-Bloggy-Friends for a Rainbow Rhyme to remember. Much Thanks :)

@Kate- I need to remember that inktense brand next time I'm out!

@Eileen- I did not know about erasing. This WILL come in handy :D

@Liberty- You seem to really know your watercolors, gotta go check out Nebula and Jubilant, now.

@Julie- I hope you do try these pencils....Warning though....they are quite addictive :D

Darnita said...

I used to have all kinds of fun socks. Now, I've been weaing the basic white or black. Anywho, I can't believe you used colored pencils to get such boldness. Like it alot.

Mandy said...

Love the socks. Love the colors. Lots to be inspired by!

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