July 29, 2010

Zentangles with Attitude


*most of the names of the above ‘tangles are from the authors, except where I didn’t think they applied.

I found the coolest Zentangle site thru Violette at her Creative Cottage. What a load of good tangle designs, really! You’ve got to check them out. I also like the way the site is organized and if you need to know more about a certain Zentangle, the author will link to a visual demonstration. Pretty kewl !


Now, look at the two of these identical scans, the only difference is the lower one had some Attitude applied. Which one is more interesting? Yeah, I think so too! The lower one is. I think it’s like that in life too, that the people who have just a bit of Attitude are more interesting. Heck, no one wants to be a door mat, and having a certain spunk doesn’t mean they are a snob. Now, I’m not saying snobs don’t have attitude, they just don’t know how to use it effectively! It comes off as mean. Then there are those people that are afraid of their own shadows and they’d just hate to think “someone thought, they thought, they knew what they were doing”….you know the type.

So, I think it’s like that with ART…..you gotta know when to use the RED and when to leave it well enough alone! Red is that POP, that makes us want to take that second look.


Just some random thoughts, that may all change the next time I run into a Snob or a person with Attitude!

How do you use RED in your art?


Rebecca Anthony said...

You always have such an interesting perspective on things and life! I am going to have to try this just black white and red. I love all the tangles you introduced this morning, VERY COOL!! You're such a cool woman Eden(O:

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Pure happiness over here, love it! xx

rachel awes said...

how much fun this is!
i tend to use red in combo w/other colors...
one of the petals on my flowers for ex!
& now a big red heart to you! xo

Dawn said...

oooooohhhhhh!!! These are GREAT!

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