July 4, 2010

Part 5….The Big Head


I’ve got a big head…Literally!! My heads are big here! Which reminds me of the Jurassic Park movie when the T.rex is after the people in the jeep and the camera pans to the side view mirror which says “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”. Yikes!! Here it could read “Heads in drawing are larger than they appear in real life”.

Learned A LOT with this week-long drawing!

  1. Erasing is not as hard as you’d think. The graphite lead comes off very easy. Just watch out for smudging.
  2. Sometimes you just got stop and say “this is good enough for today”. I’m still training my eye and my hand.
  3. Familiar faces are much EASIER to draw. Can spot a line problem much earlier.
  4. Use a kleenex to help smudge the pencil streaks for shading or highlighting.
  5. Creative license can help to make people skinnier.


I thought I captured the eyes real well with this picture. The hair was fun, but not exactly what the picture showed. The head is too round and the chin still isn’t right. I never did go back and fix the shoulders. I was at my saturation point.


Dark hair is hard to do. You’d think that it would be easier, but trust me there is a lot of subtle lighting in her brunette hair. The eyes were the most frustrating part for me. I kept drawing them too big. Again, the shoulders aren’t as broad as they should be. The teeth were not singled out, because it made the mouth look muddy. A sharper pencil may have helped.

This picture isn’t quite finished. I was thinking I’d attempt the matching bathing suits. But, didn’t know if I should go with Markers or Watercolor Pencils. Either way, I won’t be duplicating the pattern exactly (I’m no where near that level).

So, I’m gonna ask you…… Watercolor pencils or Markers for the suits? Please cast your vote in the comment section below!

Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!


Rebecca Anthony said...

Oh I love this! I vote markers (hmmmm, imagine that the more vibrant of the two). I think the contrast between the graphite and the markers would be exquisite! I'm VERY impressed at how this came out!!!
Also, thank you so much for my caravan warming brownies, they were divine(O: Brownies are my fave!!

Chel said...

WOW. W.O.W!!

(I vote watercolor pencils!- the drawing is soft and in pencil and markers would be too hard and graphic, I think...)

Dawn said...

wow. this is GREAT! I vote markers...as long as you have super skinny ones. I think the watercolor pencils would be hard to do fine detailing, even if you are not doing that same pattern. Seriously....this is awesome work.

Serena said...

Fabulous work, Eden! Such great likeness on both counts. I vote for watercolours because graphite is soft and the watercolour would compliment it. My concern with markers would be that they would be so vibrant by comparison to the graphite that it would immediately attract the eye to the suits and not the figures as a whole. If you go with markers, I think you may end up having to use black pen on the bodies and faces to try and get the balance back. I may be wrong but that would be my concern.

Kate said...

Beautiful and I would go for watercolor pencils. In fact if you had some of the Grafitint pencils they'd be perfect but regular water color will do too!

lori vliegen said...

wow, wow, wow, eden!!! you did such a FABULOUS job on this!!! my vote goes for using whatever you feel more comfortable with (although i think that watercolor pencils would finish this wonderfully!)! and on those five things you learned......i love #2, and especially #5........xoxo, :))

Janet said...

Watercolor pencils because they would not detract from the drawing as much as markers would. I think markers would be just too strong for this drawing....and it's such a good drawing.

full_of_puppy_love said...

i think the legs and thighs on the girl on the right are bang on. well done.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, the eyes are perfect...and eyes are so hard to capture!

gypsy said...

Eden, The girls are beautifully drawn. Your patience has definitely been an inspiration to me as I've watched the girls come to life on paper. For the suits, I would go for watercolors or watercolor pencils to keep the look soft to go with the pencil lines. You could play in photoshop (merge the suits with marker work and then merge them with watercolor work) and see what you prefer.
Whatever you decide, I know it will be great!

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