July 10, 2010

Fore!!! Watch Out!!!

Had to draw a golfer-birdie because my Golfer-Auntie requested it. She’s been golfing as long as I can remember. And she’s pretty darned good.

I’ve screamed “Fore” quite a few times when I played golf. Actually, I didn’t really play it was more like a bunch of teens on the golf course goofing off. I don’t think we ever kept score and usually by the 5th hole we were ready to call it quits. Here’s what I found out about the meaning of “Fore”, whose exact origin is unclear. Again, you get your choice about which definition you want to believe.

  1. “Fore” means ahead so when someone yells FORE on the golf course they are telling the others to watch out ahead.
  2. As early as the 1800’s the term was used according to the British Golf Museum. Back then they used a forecaddie. Which is a person who accompanies a group around the golf course, often going forward to be in a position to pinpoint the locations of the groups' shots. If a member of the group hit an errant shot, the thinking goes, they may have alerted the forecaddie by yelling out the term. It was eventually shorted to just "fore."
  3. Then this last popular theory; which has a military origin. When artilleryman were about to fire they would yell "beware before," alerting nearby infantrymen to drop to the ground to avoid the shells screaming overhead. So when golfers misfired and sent their “missiles”, their golf balls screaming off target, "beware before" became shortened to "fore."


LeAnn- the Lady Golfer……she lives for the weekend. At least she does now. She just started her own business and quickly found out that networking is the name of the game. So, she started taking golf lessons, which lead to joining the “Wednesday Morning Ladies League”. She can’t get enough of it. This surprises her, because she’s never thought of herself as athletic or competitive. But with golf, it’s different. She has met so many interesting people and truly enjoys getting to know them. She likes that the focus is on golf, not on “socializing”. When she’s out on the beautiful course with 3 other ladies how can she not take interest their lives? And to tell you the truth this activity is bringing her way more business than those “Chamber of Commerce” meetings. Who’d have thought?

Since I draw on the go, I don’t carry around watercolor pencils, brushes, or water. This probably would’ve looked better if I had used another medium. It would look excellent if I just filled in the grass by photoshop. But where’s the fun in that? The sky and hair were done with watercolor pencils. The scan is a bit disappointing, on the paper the sky doesn’t appear so splotchy.

One of these days I’m going to get smart and make my own stencil for these birds. I basically go off of the same standard shape, other than the legs, it’s a no-brainer. Putting this on my “to do” list.

Enjoy your weekend! And all you golfers out there, beware of the errant golf ball.


Rebecca Anthony said...

This is classic Eden, I love the image and the story behind her makes her even better! You should totally make a stencil of this bird. This bird is SO Eden, imagine the different versions you could create. Too cool!

Janet said...

Your stories are always so much fun and then the picture you make is just perfect. I love this one even though I'm not a golfer and no one I know is either. She's so fashion conscious....even her shoes have little diamond shapes on them!

Shannon said...

THIS IS ADORABLE. i have so many golfers in my family who would love this. :)

Jeanne Nelson said...

What an absolutely darling golfer-birdie! The argyle shirt, with the feathered wings coming out of the arm holes are just too cute. Love her!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute!

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