July 14, 2010

A Tie-Dyed Bird


Kristi- the Chameleon……She figured out what her parents expected, did it….she figured out what her teaches expected, did it….her coaches, then her Boss. She’s an achiever, some would say an over-achiever. But this is the way she operates, she really likes to please and wants to help or be on the winning team. She’s smart, that’s for sure. Now, that she’s gotten older and has warranted a decent amount of respect, you’d think she’d be okay with that. But she’s a little lost because she’s not sure what she expects from herself, for herself right now.

I think we all know a Kristi or two. We often just look at them and think of what they can do for us. Which is totally understandable. Some people are born leaders and some are better at being lead. I think Kristi is of the latter group and there is nothing wrong with that. With a little time and maturity, these people figure it out. To be really good at something takes sacrifice, and a lot of it unseen. And how wonderful for these people to know that if they really want something, they have it within themselves to achieve it, learn it, do it! I applaud that amount of focus and discipline!

Enough about my life views, already!! Back to this drawing…..I really would like to do a watercolor tie-dye so I searched and searched on the web and didn’t find what I was looking for unless I want to tie-dye coffee filters or popcorn. BUT I did find this little instructional video about the various techniques for Watercolor Pencils. It’s a quick view, I think I learned a few things.

Here’s the daylight picture version of Kristi. The colors are better here. My scanner seems to have trouble with the lighter, pastel type colors. It doesn’t recognize them. I probably just need to go in a play with the setttings. But, grabbing the camera is so much easier.


Below, my entire bird family. Instead of clicking the links to see all the birds, I thought it would be fun to show them to you all together!


Pic above looks a little squishy, don’t know what happened.

And to think, not one bird is exactly like the other! Ahhhhh, individualism! The foundation of America!


Jeanne Nelson said...

I'm in love with your Tie-Dyed Birdie, Eden, ummm, perhaps because I love the tie-dyed pattern but also because I can relate to her life. Oh, but then I see the rest of your Birdie collection, and I'm affectionately infatuated with each of them! These would make such great pieces to do a series of cards, or wall art with! I hope to find time to go back through your blog and read the life story for each of them, ;). Wishing you a beautiful day, filled with happiness, contentment and mucho success! xoxo

Eileen Bergen said...

The birds are wonderful! How impressive to see them all together. The little details are so fun. Wouldn't they make cute playing cards for a kids' card game? I think kids would love 'em too.

Thank you for the video. I bought my first set of watercolor pencils a couple of months ago. Why didn't we have these when we were kids?! I love the control and ability to correct before applying water. But I definitely need help with my technique.

Rebecca Anthony said...

They all have such personality. Don't you love to get into the character, I can tell you do as you are creating them. How cool would that be with all your different birds as a wrapping paper?!?! VERY!!

Dawn said...

aww i love your birdies! How funny, because I work at a summer camp for kids, and today everyone is tye-dying their shirts!

I cant wait to watch that tutorial on watercolor pencils. Keep it up, and as always--thanks for all the support on my blog :)

Janet said...

You are the Queen of Birds! And of color! Seeing them all in one spot really shows how different each one is and how they have little personalities. You are so clever and talented!!!

judie said...

Lovin' your hippie bird. Well, I love ALL your birdies! I just looked out my window and saw a mockingbird chasing a black snake. Wow, that snake was moving fast. He needed a little ....like....hippie color, man! :)

gypsy said...

Loving the tye-dye, ultra cool! Watercolor pencils are on my list of art materials to try, so thank you for the video link. A grid of the birdies would be a fun piece of wall art.

Liberty said...

so so cool seeing these all together!

Serena said...

Your birds looks great together....love the one with the red handbag.

Btw, thanks for the video link. :)

rachel awes said...

i love your tie-dyed bird & ALL your birds!
they are chirping in my room!
(& i'm now intrigued w/watercolor pencils!!)

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