August 9, 2010

Sketch Book Project……Facing Forward


I signed up for the 2011 Sketchbook Project at the urging of Rebecca at Daisydolls Gypsy Caravan early last month. When I received the moleskine given out for the project, I was a bit disappointed with the paper. The rules are pretty flexible, as long as we stay within the dimensions of the book we can rebind or replace the paper with whatever we want.


Being a bit of a paper-snob, I knew what I had to do. I went to my local Art Supply store and got some good Fabriano 140 lb. watercolor paper. I’ve become a bit spoiled using those Watercolor Moleskines. My plan is to cut the 20 x 30 paper into 5x8 pieces and glue them into the 40 page moleskine given for the project.



The theme I chose was, FACING FORWARD. I thought I could draw a few of those little birds that appear so often on here and possibly expand a bit with something else. The project is open to our interpretation. Good thing….should be fun! The deadline is January 15, 2011 for completion. You must sign up by October 31st.

Anyone wondering if they should sign up…..I say “Go ahead, DO IT!!” What have you got to lose? You never know what you’ll be inspired to do because you are committing to something bigger than your Daily Art or Daily Blog. I’m no artist and I signed up!


Rebecca Anthony said...

Yea!! I look forward to following you through this journey Eden! Great theme too!! Good idea to rebind with better paper, I was too afraid I'd ruin the book. I am a paper snob as well and love thick paper. Have fun with this!!

Jeanne Nelson said...

Great idea, Eden, to "replace" the thin pages! Now we're talking; that's been my hesitation to signing up, as I wouldn't know what to do with the thin paper. Are you going to use Matte Medium to attach your paper to the pages, or how are you going to accomplish that? You're inspiring me to sign up, girlie! Please let me know how it works (attaching the nice 'workable' paper! Can't wait to see your birdies in there! Happy Day!

chel said...

I'm so excited to see you joined! I want to join, too, but I know the pressure of the deadline will just crush me. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the pages!!

Julia Christie said...

I had a wonderful time watching Rebecca fill hers, can't wait to watch as you fill yours!


lori vliegen said...

{okay, i'm going to argue with you about something.....oh yes, sweet eden, you ARE definitely AN ARTIST!!! and a fabulous artist, at that!!!}

i'm SO glad you signed up for the sketchbook project! and from one paper snob to the other, you'll have a lot more fun doodling on that fabriano paper!! i've been tempted to sign up for this, but it looks like there's an awful lot of pages in that book that need to be filled up.....yikes! xox, :))

Dawn said...

lori, DO IT!!!! I am doing it too :) You have 4.5 months to fill it up.

Eden, tell me how on earth you plan on re-binding this. It boggles my mind. I know I will think the paper is too thin (I'm so jealous you got yours!! I'm still WAITING) and want to put better paper in there. Do you just rip out the others. Are you sewing anything?

Thanks :)

Eden said...

Thanks for the encouraging words you guys!!

Even though the book is 40 pages, I'm only going to do about 20, because I will be glueing them onto the existing pages. I looked at the binding and became quite scared when I thought of what I'd have to do to re-bind. Glueing works for me. I'll let you know what I find out as I go along.

There will probably be a normal page in between the glued pages, for writing or whatever.

I say, DO IT!!! Really, like Dawn said you have 4.5 months and you don't have to do each page, especially if you'll be glueing some together along the way (like Rebecca did).

Serena said...

Good for you, Eden! I'm sure you will have lots of fun filling these pages.

Btw, one of my other art blogger friends signed up and felt the same way about the paper in the journal supplied so she rebound it with better quality paper too.

gypsy999 said...

Not sure if it would make sense to put some book binding glue at the place where the thinner moly sketch paper meets the lucious fabriano paper? Most of my doodles are on moleskine or Clairefontaine watercolor paper and I agree that paper is important! But I enjoy drawing on sketch moleskine paper as well and have used those for travel journals (more pages for the road).

Anonymous said...

good day everyone all the best to yous for 2012

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