August 8, 2010

A Bird at the Beach….


Back from vacation. Nope, didn’t do half of what I planned. Never do! I only took about 12 pictures. Sometimes you got it, sometimes you don’t! The picture above is the view of the back yard of the townhouse where we stay (every year). The front yard has the Gulf across the street. We probably spend more time out back than we do beach side. More to do out back.


On the drive down, I drew another Bird. She’s a bit different since she’s facing foward. I added a little word bubble to the page where she gets to talk. Since, you know how birds like to talk!

Proceeded to copy a journal entry from last month onto my moleskine and write it out in that “slow journaling way.


“People are unbelievably Beautiful- I see it especially when they are helping others, sharing! Man- the media has done a number on our perceptions. The thing is, is people don’t know how cool they are. Not talking about the manipulative here- just ppl going about their business each day. Why don’t I see this more often? I think I see it more when I can stop the judgments of too fat, too skinny, too bald, too hairy, too uneven, too sloppy. Granted the too sloppy I don’t see as beautiful b/c it is in their power to control that. I like it when people do the Best with the Hand God Dealt them.”

On the last Sunday in July, I found myself at Panera Bread killing some time. I wasn’t inspired to draw at the time, but felt more inclined to write. So, out came my composition book and my trusty Bic. After ramblin’ on and on about the mundane, I slowed down, sat back and watched the people around me. The strongest statement for me up there is “ the media has done a number on our perceptions”. They have a way of getting our attention, whether what they say is true or not.

Anyway…’s always fun to put a little drawing to a journal entry. Trust me, not all my entries are so poetic!!

How about you? Are you comfortable putting your journal entries onto your Art Journal pages? If I’m stuck, I can always find a good quote or two to use instead.


Dawn said...

woohoO! i love your journal entry :) I didn't do nearly as much as I had planned (and brought!) on my vacation either. I was enjoying just reading and lounging and playing lots of Kan Jam with my family. I sometimes write actual journal entries in my art journal, but usually cover it up because I do like to post what I do for my family, but they don't need to see what I write.

Rebecca Anthony said...

What a gorgeous page and journal entry! I'm glad you had a nice trip!! I do find myself writing what ever is in my mind really. I suppose there are certain things I just don't write down. I love to journal though(O: This bird is fabulous!! Oh yes, I posted a give away last Thursday and I'm drawing a name this Thursday. Check it out so I can add you to the bowl of names(O: Have a great Sunday!!

rachel awes said...

i love the hand God dealt you.
& the birds.

Serena said...

Wonderful page! I would probably be okay with picking phrases from my private journals for use in my art journals, however, I'd never thought to do that until now....thanks for the inspiration, Eden ~ :)

Btw, I've followed your Bic link, which then led me to your older journal post beforeI 'met' you and I was delighted to see all the journals you have kept over the years. I like that you kept them at a uniform size....mine went from large (A4) to the smaller exercise/composition book size. I LOVE journaling!

Serena said...

Ooooooops....meant to add that I'm glad you had a nice, relaxing vacation ~ :)

Eden said...

Serena, that composition size has always just worked for me. I've tried so many other journals and it was too much change(paper too small or large, or the spirals got in the way). So, since they're cheap and they work what more could I ask for? Yeah, I had to laugh, it is nice they are all the same size! Yeah, Journaling!!

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