September 13, 2010

Bench Monday… a drawing

Had to hurry to complete this drawing so that I could post it on Monday, which fits the Bench Monday theme that so many photographers/bloggers participate in. I’ve never done it, but it sure is inspiring to see all the pictures others post on Flickr or different blogs.

There was a lot of shadows on the original picture, so I had to improvise some of the calf and kneecap positions on the drawing. I just tried to make it look real.

Using my Creative License I decided that this girl really needed a skirt. This picture on flickr was the inspiration for the skirt. I either needed to draw in a skirt, or continue drawing more leg since I had a lot more space to fill…..the skirt won, since it would be a make-believe leg above the knee anyway.

See what I mean??

This was a good drawing to use those wonderful Watercolor Pencils. With all the texture in the sand, the waves in the water and the clouds in the sky, I thought this would be a good time to put some watercolor pencil practice in. Didn’t try to duplicate exactly, just made it recognizable. I used my favorite Faber-Castell Pitt XS pen to outline the figure. I thought that may help keep the watercolors in their place. It worked.

This picture is not the best quality, it’s looks a little pixilated at the sketching portion. Ah well.

This was a lot of fun to draw! I love to do a bit of sketching then add another art media (markers or watercolor) to the drawing. Someday, I may do an ENTIRE drawing as graphite sketch…..but….don’t hold your breathe, it may be awhile.


rachel awes said...

oooooh eden! i love this!
such a great pose & background!
(i just bought watercolor pencils
& have never used them!! i plan to
try them out at a retreat later in
october!....they look so delicious
& you use them so beautifully!).
lots of love!! xox

Jeanne Nelson said...

Beautiful, Eden! Your shading is amazing, and I love the skirt that you added. Happy Day!

Eileen Bergen said...

I love it. The changes and new balance your drawing have compared to the photo are wonderful. I really admire your technique with drawing/shading and watercolors.

Liberty said...

wow Eden!
I am so in awe of your skills! (and envious but not in a mean way :)
this is awesome.

Eileen Bergen said...

Eden, I'd like to contact you by email but don't see a "contact me" button. How can I get in touch?

immacola said...

wow, my legs become famous :)(jagodowenoce is my flickr account)
thank you :)

Dawn said...

oh so wonderful, AGAIN. I don't think you should ever stop adding color!

Rebecca Anthony said...

You amaze me with all your different takes on Facing Forward. I love this piece!! Your combo of the sketch and the skirt is outstanding!

lori vliegen said...

you are a graphite rock star, gal!! love the pose, love the knees, love the skirt, love the watercolors!! it's awesome from start to finish!! xox, :))))

Dawn said...

ok, so i had to go back and study your post again. Your shading is just outstanding! And the position of the legs, and the heel bein up in the air. Oh my! I am in awe.

Dawn said...

and the tree!!! it looks SO realistic.teach me, o wise one :)

lee said...

love it, and thanks for showing some of the process

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