October 31, 2010

Facing Forward……. in a Tutu

                                   Inspiration Picture from  HERE

I had a “File Error” on my memory card.  So, I can’t post my usual step-by-step process.  Awww, shucks!  But luckily the memory card wasn’t totally corrupted.  That would definitely piss me off!  But alas…..such was not the case….so I’m happy.


I’ll show you what I can.   The ballet slipper was definitely a new one for me.  But being the novice, I just try to make it look right….not exact. 

Love the way ballerina’s point their feet!!  Talk about flexibility, Wow!!  I took ballet twice, only because my mom signed me up for 2 classes when I was 7.   I showed some promise with the teacher until we had to run and “leap into the air” ….Well, I sprinted each and every time (even after I was told “this isn’t a race girls” )….that’s when the teacher focused her attention on some of the more graceful types!!  Ahh, well!

I really wanted to give this ballerina broader shoulders, but that’s not the way she looks.  So, I had to bring them in quite a bit.

I took this about as far as I could without driving myself crazy.  You see, I didn’t add that little white line on her stockings that trail down the backside of her leg, nor did I spend much time on the fingers!   And truthfully, if I wasn’t doing this for the Sketchbook Project, I would use a more graphite-friendly paper.

I thought it was time to try Colored Pencils.   Yep, just plain ‘ole colored pencils.

As you can see, a pencil is a pencil and the colored pencils also show that darn stippling.   So, I grabbed my watercolor pencils and just went over the area with them too.   Don’t know if that’s allowed, but it worked.


To add more dimension, I outlined the girl with my finest point micron pen.

She’s similar to the original, not precise.  It would be nice if I could use all colored pencils for a drawing like this.  You know, show the real skin tone and all.  Someday…..

I really should try to put some clothes on my people.  So, I picked up this book the other day hoping to learn a thing or two from it.

Now, back to more practice….practice….practice.


Vicki Holdwick said...

This is lovely, great shading and a really nice perspective for a ballerina picture.


Chel said...

It's WONDERFUL- the shading and contours really make her "pop"

JP said...

Just want to be sure everyone knows we are related.

Janet said...

I don't think you need a book! You already draw fantastic pictures. This one is really great. I love the perspective.

Dawn said...

Eden, your practicing is just gorgeous! You have major natural talent. The shading is superb, and you find the most wonderful photos to draw from.

Missy said...

Beautiful, I love anything with ballerinas. I found your blog on the linky thing from the AEDM challenge (I'm doing it also). I'll be looking for more ballerinas!

Serena said...

This is gorgeous work, Eden!

Theresa said...

Your sketches are amazing Eden! Enjoying them all and look forward to seeing your sketchbook completed. Just joined the project and am waiting for mine to arrive...

ArtfulLee Designed said...

This is beautiful drawing Eden. I would love to be able to draw people so well. Thanks for the step by step photos.

Fourborne said...

This looks amazing, maybe I could learn something from the books I keep purchasing but not using. Very encouraging.

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