October 9, 2010

Six Sayings…..in a Sketchbook


This sentence has been written in my personal journal more than a couple times.  But really…..it could be said by anyone, dontchyathink?   I guess…maybe, it all boils down to getting some clarity.


But….I couldn’t leave it all black and white ya know!!  Had to add some color!


Then I wrote out my excuse for not getting everything done that I’d like to. 


This saying isn’t original to me, but it really resonated with me when I read this guest post by Marelisa from Abundance Blog.


This one is pretty self-explanatory!


Whatever you’re drawn to do, be it sing, dance, draw, paint, sculpt, crunch numbers, fix things, make people laugh, encourage people, council people, care for animals, build Tall Buildings, run faster or farther….it’s not going to go away.  It may be a clue as to what you’re suppose to be doing with in your life.


Life’s too short to be too serious.  And really….what better way to lighten someone up than to joke around a bit.   I know it works for me when I’m in a mood, and even when I’m not!


Well, thanks for staying with me this long….through all..these..pictures.  You know, that’s the secret of this blog, not a whole lot of content, but Lots-of-Pictures!


Effy said...

Your sayings are awesome. I relate to the 'not liking people very much' part. I often quip that I prefer cats to people. ;) Your lettering style is wonderful! So vibrant and colourful and pleasing to the eye! I really enjoy having you in my RSS Reader. :)

Vicki Holdwick said...

This is very nice. The one about not "thinking like other people" is what I have felt since I was just a teen amid all that angst.

I think it is still true today, but these days I am quicker on the "maybe that is not a problem".


Liberty said...

so awesome Eden!
I love your lettering (got some envy happenin' over here ;-) and I love, love the colour and all of the sayings!
I am someone who loves visiting blogs FOR the pictures, not the words, so I love that you include so many! My eyes drink them right up. :)
I love the way you did the word FIND, with those gently graded green boxes. It really 'pops'!

Eileen Bergen said...

OMGosh, how can you say there's not a lot of content to your blog? A picture is worth a thousand words. Since you do pictures WITH words, you score 1065 with this post! (Yes, I counted the words. lol.)

BTW, the final panel reminds me of a game board. The sayings are terrific. The Inspiration one really resonates with me. Lots of food for thought here. Thank you, Eden.

Chel said...

I agree with Eileen- I love your blog and I love these images!

Dawn said...

ahh, but with your pictures IS the content!

Whoa. Deep, eh?


rachel awes said...

i am thankful
you are in my tribe
& looove your inspiration
& how you follow it
& your unique voice
that is so thankfully
a beautiful collection/
much like your blog
& heart & soul.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post very much! love your colourful work.Your optimism!!love the saysings.

jp said...

This is a poster that should be in schools, gyms, offices, homes....

Cyndi L said...

I LOVE how you fit them all together! I mis-read the first one, and thought you were saying you didn't like other people, but then I read it right and loved it. I think it's the one I relate to the most :-)

A Creative Dream... said...

I think it's wonderful!

Cherie said...

I did the same thing Cyndi did! LOL! (Reading too fast I guess.) These are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.

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