October 14, 2010

Bookmarks R Fun!


I have no idea what a bookmark and a pumpkin have in common except when I went outside to take this picture I thought they looked kinda cute together.  Working on my alpha-doodling and came up with this little pudgy lettering.  


You can see it a little better in this shot.  Not being one to do ANYTHING without adding a little color, off I went with my rainbow pneumonic of ROY G BIV.  For those of you new to this it’s  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo (purple), Violet (pink).
Had my doodle directory prints out for ideas, because I was going to need them on this next step.


The great thing about doing a background in just ONE color is…..you don’t have to think too much.  You can just go with wherever the design takes you.  No worries about shading/ highlighting, outfits for the birdies, “does the drawing look like the picture?”….you know…that kind of stuff!  


This type of doodling is just sheer DELIGHT!!!  Really!  Give it a try if you haven’t already.

You’ve got one more day to submit your own CUSTOMIZED bookmark for the Bookmark Contest at D'blogala.  Deadline is Friday 10/15.


JP said...

I love this. It is adorable with the pumpkin! Eden - did you Photo Shop a little baby pumpkin into this giganic one for your picture? Up to your old tricks?

Tiffani said...

Looks great!

Eileen Bergen said...

I like the color on B & W and the plump letters you used on this one, Eden.

Thank you for the ROY G BIV mnemonic. I always have to look that up. I got stick on I - couldn't think of a color that I could stand for - so I'm glad you got real explicit for the less bright among your readers ;-)

Jeanne Nelson said...

Awesome bookmark, Eden. This would inspire me to open a book, knowing it held this colorful bookmark inside of its pages! What fun letters you've created here.

Liberty said...

Eden I totally LOVE that lettering!
It's not often that I see a new type of lettering that really stands out from others... but this does!!! It's awesome (as is the entire bookmark of course :)

Liberty said...

p.s. the lettering makes me think of tons of yummy scoops of ice cream :)

Chel said...

Oh- I LOVE that lettering!!

Janet said...

Love the puffy lettering....you are so good at this. I have to finish my bookmark but it's nothing compared to yours.

Anonymous said...

These are so sunny and joyful. The lettering reflects the pumpkin's plumpness and I went back to some of your prev posts to see your inspiration cards etc.What great ideas you have.

Serena said...

Fabulous and eye-catching!

Anonymous said...

Oh the pumpkin and the colourful bookmark totally go together...It's something I would have done myself...IT'S ALL ABOUT THE COLOURS!

your bookmark doodling is fantastic! so very detailed and interesting to look at....I get lost looking at the variety of patterns you've laid out! in fact...I HEREBY DUB THEE...THE DOODLE QUEEN! lol

Didn't know about the bookmark contest....too late for me...but here's hoping you do great!

Have a brilliant day!



JP said...

Why isn't my message on your blog/

jp said...

Oh, I see my comment at the top but it is hard to read under "comments"

Love and hugs from Iowa

Diana Evans said...

oh what a wonderful book mark!!! your work is beautiful!!!

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