June 29, 2010

Part 3…..Progress

Did I say “Progress”? Well, it’s slow progress that’s for sure. The Face isn’t exactly right, will have to play around in the chin area. The shoulders are too narrow! Darn it!! Those are hard…. now I have to expand them. And there’s some funky shadowing on the left arm. Sorry, have to do my own analysis here, and not show you the original (yet). Cuz who knows you might just mess me up!!! Tell me I’m good or tell me I’m bad, either way, I’ll then be stuck!! HaHaHa.

This is a strange process. Drawing my 10 year old self. Remembering my good friend (Karan also in picture) who moved away that summer! Hearing my 3 monster older brothers in my head telling me what I can and can’t do!! Reminiscing about my young mother trying to make everyone happy and everything work. Ah, life as a child in a family of seven! Priceless!

Had to stop at the knees! Cuz, I have this gut instinct that they will require much more patience than I’m willing to muster at the moment.

A lady in my drawing class said to me…..”Real Artists don’t draw from pictures”……I just laughed, cuz heck I’m no real artist. Plus those real artists have put so much more time into their craft than I have. Funny, the things people say. I’m just having fun. I’m learning as I go, not asking for labels, just playing with graphite.

What is your habit: Do you show people things as your working on them? If you do, does it mess you up? Or are you good at ignoring un-solicited advice?


Janet said...

Sometimes I show things in progress but usually I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing that I forget to take pictures!

I think this is looking great! I hope that doesn't mess you up!

daisydolls said...

I usually show the progress with the finished piece at the end so it's too late for advise. I'm kind of crazy though, I can't seem to stop working until it's done. "c r a z y"!
I happen to think this is looking amazing. It's so realistic!

Lisa Holtzman said...

Wow Eden, it's coming along beautifully!!
I usually can't work around anyone or show my art before it's done, it makes me too nervous. I need to be my own critic through the process.

gypsy said...

Eden, My family sees my art at every phase. I share my in-progress shots because I like all of the phases!

The comment from the woman in class about not drawing from photographs... ridiculous! What is a real artist and are we fake artists?

I so dislike unsolicited advice, unless it's from my kids! They're usually right on.

Eileen Bergen said...

I never show my works in process unless I'm in a class trying to learn a new technique.

When I'm working on my own, I don't want others' ideas to interfere with the vision of what I'm aiming for.

chel said...

I think it looks FABULOUS!

I tend not to stop working until things are finished, because I'm afraid I won't ever go back to it if I put it down (which is the truth) but it also makes me "over-do" and then ruin the piece because I don't know *when* I am done.

lori vliegen said...

wow, eden!!! just when i got my head to stop spinning from the fabulousness of those watercolor letters, here you are drawing a self-portrait!!!! you go girl.....ooops, i mean ARTIST girl (you are an artist, you know....and a brilliant one at that!!). keep on goin' with the graphite!!
xox, :))

Kate said...

I love the way it is turning out. That woman is so wrong a real artist draws and paints from anything. Plus there are no unreal artist either.

Robin said...

Gotta tell you - I would be fabulously *thrilled* if any of that came out of my pencil. You are really good!

artymess said...

Actually real artists Do work from photos and life and anything else that helps them ........these are lovely ....

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