June 27, 2010

Part 1….Friends

Scanned a bunch of old pictures into my computer a few years ago. Love this digital age! No more concern for the negatives, and if an old photo has a crease….well, just photoshop it! Plus, the digital image is the negative now. Two for the price of one- yeah baby!

Had a few hours to play today, so I took full advantage of it. I have found that if I am to take up drawing I have to be willing to erase. Not be frustrated by the fact that I have to erase AGAIN! I think sketchers must have a good relationship with their white flexible friend. Or else….. it’s a Crash & Burn, a Toss in the Trash,…a Forget it and I’m Done! You get my drift.

This is about as far as I’ve taken any sort of “drawing from picture” attempts. It’s here that I really don’t know what I’m doing. See, I haven’t even switched pencils from my 6H one to a lighter lead. I kinda think I’ll just go a little lighter on the stroke work. Nada…I think I really need to grab those other pencils if I’m going to take this past stage 1. If not….it’ll be Exit Stage 1 to the right. Halted at this familiar check point.

The dilemma for me is this: Do I just make these girls look like regular girls (which I can do) OR Do I do what I intended to do, which is to make them look like the people they are in the picture? Ugh! This is hard! Cuz everything connects. For example….I’ll think I have the right shape to the face, then I’ll realize that it’s too narrow, therefore the eyes aren’t spaced right. And then it’s a whole new person. Good thing I have an extra eraser or two.

We’ll see how much staying power I have…..stay tuned!


Eileen Bergen said...

I wouldn't be without my eraser when sketching. It's the sketch artist's friend!

rebekka said...

I think they look great!!!

gypsy said...

I just sketched a little city in pencil, and it was such a different experience than drawing in pitt pen, which I do 99% of the time. The smudging bothered me, but it was fun. Your level of patience and precision with multiple pencils is inspiring. What a good drawing role model you are!

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