June 23, 2010

Gloria…..not your ordinary bird


Gloria- the Gifted Gardener……Everything she plants Blooms!! Everything!!! She’s the neighborhood “green thumb”. Almost daily you’ll see her out in her yard putzing and pruning from early Spring to late Fall. If you ask her how she gets her plants so full and healthy, she’ll say “Oh, I just water them”. She’s got this incredible talent and doesn’t even know it. One thing you won’t see her doing is writing a book about it, because it would only have three words…..”Just Add Water”.

This bird is based on a couple relatives (you know who you are) and it’s pretty frustrating to ask them about their plants because you’ll never get any specifics, hence they’ve kept their secrets to themselves! Ugh!!! This does not help me at all! I need all the information I can get in the plant department, clueless is what I am. Oh well, no “yard of the month” sign in my front yard.

I used lots of stencils here; from the birdhouse to the flowers, to the watering can and trowel. Just plain fun to draw with stencils if you ask me! If there’s a tool for the job and it works, I say use it!

Since, I’m confessing to my reliance on these stencils, I thought I’d show you the type that I use. Sorry, I don’t know the manufacturer but you can get them at your local craft stores (JoAnns, Hobby Lobby, Michaels). They're pretty cheap and versatile. Great for kids, too. May just help get over an artist’s block too.


The original drawing was pretty stark with all that white, so I played around in Photoshop and gave it some clouds and grass……Now, it’s a little easier on the eyes I think.


Terri Kahrs said...

Fabulous! Love that you've showed your secret weapon! LOL! It's not what you use, it's how you use it that's so wonderful! Hugs, Terri

Whitney said...

adorable! Though, I know I'm not one of the relatives you are referring to.. incidentally, I think the birds knees buckle the other direction....

daisydolls said...

I love it, you would never know they were stencils! You transform them to a place that is so distinctly your work and style. The doodles within are exquisite! The composition of the whole picture and the story behind ahhh a true artistic treasure! LOVE IT!!!!

judie said...


Marthann's Musings said...

Way to go, this is so cute. Hey I say if the stencils work go for it. It is your art and your choice !!

lori vliegen said...

this is so cute.....and i always get such a kick out of the stories that go with your doodle friends!! have a great weekend! xox, :))

Janet said...

I want Gloria to come to my yard! I could sure use her help.

Stencils are fantastic and so much fun. I even like making my own.

LuLu said...

Your doodles are SO, m-u-c-h, fun!

And thank you, thank you for giving us permission to use stencils - I have a whole stash of stencils that I rarely used - but now I will dust them off and use them more!

Meanwhile I would love for you to visit my blog, and comment on some of my art when you have a moment or 2!

Mary Lou 'LuLu'

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